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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to become a manicurist?

How to become a manicurist? What knowledge does a manicurist need? | NRN Nail Tutorial

What knowledge does a manicurist need? How to become a manicurist? According to their ability level, they are divided into: junior manicurist, intermediate manicurist, and advanced manicurist. As an excellent manicurist, you should not only master skilled nail skills, but also have good psychological qualities.

How to become a manicurist?
How to become a manicurist?
  1. Nail Liquid:

Function: To reconcile acrylic nails and make various acrylic nails.

  1. A anti-ultraviolet acrylic liquid nail:

Advantages: The latest internationally popular product is light purple, has a small odor, good flowability, easy to shape, and contains anti-ultraviolet materials.

Disadvantages: slower drying, slower for skilled manicurists.

  1. B quick-drying acrylic liquid nail:

Advantages: A popular product on the international market, with transparent color and mild odor, easy to produce thin and tough acrylic nails.

Nail art solidifies quickly, and the nail pieces are smooth and easy to polish. Because of its stable quality and reasonable price, it is a favorite product of professional manicurists.

Disadvantages: Only suitable for skilled manicurists, not suitable for beginners.

  1. Acrylic Nail Powder:

Function: Very fine powdered solid, made of acrylic glass fiber. Fusion of acrylic nail fluid can make various nails, which are strong and wear-resistant.

Classification: Acrylic nail powder is divided into pink nail powder, white nail powder, transparent toner and natural nail powder. There are also colored nail powder. French acrylic nail nails can be made with white and pink nail powder, and transparent acrylic nail nails can be made with transparent toner. .

Advantages: The nails made by acrylic powder are the highest grade and the highest for technical accountants, and the nails made by nails last the longest.

Disadvantages: Because of the high technical content, it is not easy for junior nail artists to master.

  1. Silk:

Function: The fine vertical and horizontal network of silk attaches to nails to make artificial nails stronger, so it is called silk nails.
Nail Primer

Function: An adhesive that must be used when making acrylic nails.

Classification: There are two kinds of acid and non-acid on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages: It can make the nails stick more firmly, but the acidic substances should not touch the skin, and there is a requirement for visibility during use.

  1. Acrylic pen (Brush):

Function: It is made of Arctic mink hair and has good toughness. Professional acrylic pens must be used to make acrylic nails, which are used to dipped nail liquid and nail powder.

Classification: Acrylic pens range from No. 4 to No. 10. Professional nail artists generally use No. 8 acrylic pens.

  1. UV Lamp:

Function: A kind of ultraviolet lamp, mainly used on gel nails, apply a layer of gel-like glue on the pasted nails, and then irradiate the nails with ultraviolet light to make the nails feel very good.

Advantages and disadvantages: The gel nail is easy to operate and has good gloss, but ultraviolet rays will more or less always affect the human body.

  1. Gold ornaments and charms (Charm):

Nail art function: It is a kind of ornament made of specially processed metal material for hanging on the nail.

Classification: Gold and silver. There are various patterns to choose from.

Advantages and disadvantages: The ornaments are corrosion-resistant, do not change color, can be used repeatedly, and the decoration on the nails is very beautiful and cute, but if you are not careful, it will damage the stockings.

  1. Nail Paint Kit:

Function: A kind of gold powder set for painting, each set of 4-8 pieces, unscrew the small bottle, there is a small brush inside, and a drawing pen for drawing.

Classification: Divided into two types: gold powder suit and oil paint suit.

Advantages and disadvantages: The brush is very thin and can draw patterns directly on the nails.

  1. Nail: Used to make acrylic nails. Nails are also called flexible nails and are made of ABS material.

Classification: Divided into shallow patch, half patch and full patch. The colors are white and natural. Natural color nails are used to make American patches

Nail art books are used for acrylic nails, and white is used for making patches.

Advantages and disadvantages: It is more convenient and time-saving to make nails with patches, but the retention time of the stickers is not as long as acrylic nails.

  1. Decal:

Function: Color sticker is a kind of paper decal which is used to paste on the finished acrylic nail. It has thousands of patterns, which can be selected and combined. According to the needs of customers, various patterns can be quickly pasted on the nails.

Classification: Divided into two types: water sticker and waterless sticker.

Advantages and disadvantages: It can save time for guests, and it is helpful for nail artists who are not good at art skills. But decals can be made at home, and I can’t find the artistic feeling.

  1. Tip Coat:

Function: It is a brightening agent that prevents nails from turning yellow after finishing the last polishing of acrylic nails. It has a very good light perception.

Classification: There are two kinds of UV gloss oil and ordinary oil.

Advantages and disadvantages: UV gloss oil has a light purple light and prevents yellowing; if ordinary gloss oil is applied to acrylic, the nails will turn yellow.

How to become a manicurist?
How to become a manicurist?

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How to become a manicurist?

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