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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to make acrylic nails at home

How to make acrylic nails at home, Step by step teach you how to make acrylic nails yourself | NRN Nail Tutorial

Acrylic nail looks noble and elegant. It is a very popular and favorite nail style. The color is crystal clear and has a very natural nail effect. You can buy nail tools and make them at home.

  1. If you have trimmed your fingers, please use a file to roughen the nail surface. Because it is transparent nails, if you polish your nails shorter in advance, they will look more beautiful.
  2. Use desiccant to disinfect your nails. Be careful not to apply to the skin. In order to prevent mold, be sure to apply it.
  3. Attach the nail pad to the joint of the edge of the nail, and it must fit exactly.
  4. Pour the acrylic liquid into the acrylic cup and soak the pen. Remove the bubbles in the pen, if there are bubbles, it will not stick easily.
  5. Dip the acrylic pen soaked with acrylic liquid in the acrylic powder to get the powder, it will melt into a powder ball immediately.
  6. Drop the powder ball on the fingertips and press the belly of the acrylic pen into the shape of the nail.
  7. Then make the middle part, and use more powder balls to coat thicker.
  8. Spread acrylic powder for the third time near the bottom of the nail. If the edges are smooth, protruding clots will not easily appear.
  9. When the acrylic powder has started to dry, gently remove the nail pad. Note: If it is not dry or soft, the shape will be easily damaged.
  10. Pinch the acrylic nail from both sides before it hardens. From the front, it looks like a beautiful C-shaped arc.
  11. After it is completely solidified, use a file to trim the nail to the length you decide.
  12. For the edges, be sure to polish to see the gap between your nails and artificial nails.
  13. Look at the nail surface from different angles and make a symmetrical shape.
  14. If you try to cut and polish the uneven areas at the beginning, it does not matter.
  15. Use a sanding block to smooth all nails. Every corner must be polished. At this point, a transparent effect will begin to appear.
  16. Apply the nutrient oil to the finger edge and massage until the skin and nails are fully absorbed for protection
  17. Use the two-color surface of the three-color polishing strip to polish first, and then use the single-color surface to polish until the nails are completely transparent and shiny!
  18. In order to prevent yellowing, be sure to apply a good quality quick-drying super smooth transparent gloss oil.
How to make acrylic nails at home

Many women like to make acrylic nails. Acrylic nails use a variety of acrylic nail powder and acrylic nail liquid to extend and beautify the nails through special manipulations. It can visually change the length of the fingers and make the fingers look very slender. Make up for the regret of not beautiful hands.

  1. Fix the nail shape with manicure tools.
  2. Disinfect nails with desiccant.
  3. Connect the nail pad to the edge of the nail.
  4. Prepare the acrylic liquid in the acrylic cup.
  5. Dip the acrylic powder with an acrylic pen soaked in acrylic liquid.
  6. With the help of acrylic pen and nail tray, make acrylic sculpt on nails.
  7. After the acrylic nail is completely solidified, use a file to repair the length of the nail.
  8. Use a sanding block to gently sand the edges of the nails and the joint marks.
  9. Apply nutrient oil to the nails.
  10. Polish the nail surface with a polishing strip.
  11. Finally, apply transparent polish to the nails.
How to make acrylic nails at home

Although the preservation time of nail art is not very long, it can last a long time as long as it is well protected, so do not do nail art frequently, it is easy to damage the nail surface.

  1. Do not use nail files for too long for nails

After arriving at the nail salon, the average manicurist will file your nails with a nail file. If you think it is not possible, you will continue to file. All you have to do is to communicate with the nail artist and tell her about how long you have done nail art before.

  1. Do hand care before or after manicure

Generally speaking, the nail shop will make a hand guard after the manicure, this is necessary, don’t miss it. One is that hand care can take care of your hands, and the other is to take good care of the skin around your opponent’s nails.

  1. Try not to paste fake nails

Many people think that their nails are not very good-looking, so they will put fake nails on them. In fact, this is very bad. One is that it will easily cause your own nails to break when cleaning, but the nails are over Long enough to affect daily life, just long enough to accumulate stolen goods and so on.

  1. Try to keep less water and detergent after the manicure

After the manicure, it is best not to touch water or detergent. If it is wetted with water or detergent, it will easily cause the nail to fall off. Therefore, it is best to wear rubber gloves or thin leather gloves if necessary, so that the duration will be longer.

How to make acrylic nails at home

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