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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to Make Dilraba’s Blue Nail Tutorial

Nail Tutorial Of Blue Nail Dipping Powder

Step 1: Apply a coat of nail polish to dry the nails after the basic trimming. Then brush the index finger with gray, the middle finger with white, the ring finger and thumb with black, and the little finger with a gray-blue background to dry. To make the color fuller, apply a layer of dry.

Nail Tutorial

Step 2: Dip the gray-blue nail polish with the hook line pen on the back edge of the middle finger nail and draw the stripes as shown in the picture and dry it.

Nail Tutorial

Step 3: Then dip the black nail and paint a thin line, and then draw the stripes on the gray, black and blue nails, as shown in the picture.

Nail Tutorial

Step 4: Glue a square metal ring on the nail of the ring finger, and then paste various colors of shell powder inside the metal ring. As shown in the picture.

Nail Tutorial

Step 5: Glue a rectangular golden rivet on the back edge of the forefinger and little finger nail and dry it. Finally, after all the nail polish has dried, apply a transparent sealant to the nails and dry them.

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1. Product name: acrylic powder in kilograms;
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4. Product use: Dip powder needs to be used in conjunction with Acrylic liquid. There is an odor when using it. Please keep indoor ventilation.
5. Product Features: fine and even powder, no impurities, smooth after mixing the solution, easy to shape;
6. Product usage: need to be used with Acrylic liquid, pour the Acrylic liquid into the cup before making the Acrylic armor or carving, use an Acrylic pen or

Carving pen Take the liquid in the cup, after taking the cup, remove the excess liquid at the mouth of the cup, and then use the water that has been soaked in the crystal liquid

The Acrylic pen takes a powder, and the nib forms an Acrylic grease ball, which can be used to shape the nail surface;

Acrylic powder now comes in three colors:  Clear, white,  pink.

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