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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to make Nail French Sticker

How to make nail French stickers in a few steps|NRN Nail Tutorial

NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to make Nail French Sticker

Autumn and winter red French Nail pictures:

The charming red French Nail is the most popular color in autumn and winter this year. With the charming red lips, it shows the noble temperament of a woman.

DIY nail products:

Cuticle oil, nude nail polish, wine red nail polish, light (apricot or pink, etc.) fiber powder, wine red fiber powder, round label paper.

Autumn and winter red French manicure tutorial illustration:

STEP1: After the cuticle oil is applied, evenly apply a layer of nude nail polish on the nails, which is conducive to creating a better nail style.


  1. After the nails are dry, put a round label paper on the part near the edge of the nail, and then apply burgundy nail polish.
  2. A round label can ensure that the final wine-red fiber powder and the light-colored fiber powder are clearly defined, and there will be no nail “flower makeup”.

STEP3: After the burgundy nail polish is all dry, tear off the label paper.

STEP4: Apply transparent nail polish on the nude colored part, immediately dip in the light-colored fiber powder, wait for a while, and pat it neatly.

STEP5: Apply transparent nail polish to the wine-red part, taking care not to stain the light-colored part.

STEP6: Dip the burgundy fiber powder at the end, and pat your nails to let the excess powder fall down after drying.

Note: The boundary between light-colored fibers and burgundy fibers is clear, with a distinct effect.

How to make nail French sticker

DIY nail tips:

  1. Among the red series, red, dark red and wine red with a touch of orange can set off the yellowish skin of Asians, and the pinkish red is suitable for fair-skinned girls.
  2. The nail surface is covered with fiber powder, and the nail polish base color should be selected to avoid the powder gap.

The whole process of DIY nail art

Acrylic nail tools: nail liquid, Acrylic powder, Acrylic pen, finger rest, polished, decals, nail clippers that are absolutely essential

  1. Cut off your nails, but don’t cut them too short.
  2. The center line should be centered and aligned with the center axis of the nail. Embed the finger rest in the finger cracks. Make sure that the centerline is aligned with the middle of the nail.
How to use nail French stickers
  1. Nail liquid. Pour a part of it (you can pour it back if you don’t use it up). Soak the entire acrylic pen in the nail liquid. The acrylic pen should become soft.
  2. Paint on the nails, set the length by yourself, not too thick or too thin.

Although it doesn’t look pretty right now, it can be shaped even when it’s not completely dry. You can pinch both sides inward to make your nails narrowerslim

  1. After drying, the finger rest can be torn off~~ Note that it will dry soon. Modify the shape you need, you can trim square armor, round armor, personal preference, Xiaoming does the square and round, trimming, the surface should also be smoothed, polished, and colored
  2. Paste the decals above, and it will be a success~~Simple~ Girls who use their own nails can also paste them~ It’s not easy to fall off~ After pasting, apply a layer of transparent
  3. Soak the Acrylic pen in the nail liquid. Take it out when it’s soft.
  4. After getting the nails, wait for a few seconds to shape again. After a few seconds, it will start to be a bit hard, otherwise it will become a piece of water. When it is a bit knotted, start to shape it, just like plasticine. Much finer.
  5. Finished product

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