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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to remove diamond-studded nails?

How to remove diamond-studded nails?|NRN Nail Tutorial

Specific analysis of specific problems is the basis

Inlaid with diamonds on the nails is a favorite of many girls. Bright diamonds are not only very attractive, but also have a noble or light temperament. It is not difficult to do, but there are also different settings. Drilling techniques, such as gel water paste, acrylic powder, etc. How to remove the diamond-studded nails? Today, I will tell you a little knowledge about nail removal!

  How to remove diamond-studded nails? First of all, you need to see what material the inlaid diamonds are made of. Like the Gel polish nails, you use a diamond pen while the final top coat is not dry, and stick the selected diamonds directly on it. Then the lamp will not fall off within a short time after curing, but there are exceptions. If the stick is not firm, the small diamond jewelry will still fall off a little bit after a while.

   At this time, for the overall beauty, removing the nail is one of the methods. When removing this kind of diamond-studded nails, you can first use tweezers to remove the diamond decorations pasted on the nail surface, generally you can just remove the diamond decorations directly. Then use the armor removal kit to remove gel polish, which is more convenient. You can also use the method of polishing to remove gel polish nails, but the intensity of the polishing should be controlled.

How to remove diamond-studded nails

In addition, there is another type of diamond-studded nails that is made of acrylic powder, that is, use an acrylic pen to dip acrylic powder on the surface of the nail to make some three-dimensional jewelry. How to remove such diamond-studded nails? First, use a sanding strip to smooth the three-dimensional jewelry, and then use the tin foil removal method to remove the nails. Or directly use a cotton piece to dip the special nail remover and wrap it on the nail surface to dissolve the acrylic powder until the diamond-studded nail is removed.

   In fact, the basic method of removing nails is similar, but the removal of different nail types is slightly different. When you study zhijia, you must first master the most basic methods and skills, and then use them flexibly in practice. Of course, you can also study more related methods to realize your life value.

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How to remove diamond-studded nails

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