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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: How to use the nail pen in detail

How to use the nail pen in detail | NRN Nail Tutorial

Every manicure novice to a professional manicurist has a difficult learning stage. Do you remember the learning experience back then? When I first got the nail tools, I didn’t know how to use them? Quite embarrassing! Today, I will introduce the types and usage of nail pens. Beginners can learn about them with their heart and integrate them into learning! Students who can learn can always find a set of learning methods that suit them! Is there a future for learning nail art?

In the process of making nail art items, commonly used nail art pens include small pens, drawing pens, dot pens, glitter brushes, and gradient pens. So where are their functions? How to use it?

How to use the nail pen
Small pen

Small pen, with few and thin bristles, suitable for drawing lines and drawing small area patterns. When I first started practicing color painting, I often made mistakes by accident. If you make a mistake, use acrylic paint to wipe it off with a cotton piece dipped in clean water, and use a cotton piece with 95° alcohol or cleaning fluid to wipe off the painted glue or nail polish. It is still a little difficult for beginners to practice nail art with small pens, because the technique is not enough and the hands are relatively unfamiliar.

How to use the nail pen
The drawing pen

The drawing pen has extremely slender bristles, suitable for drawing long straight lines. Manicurists generally use their little finger as a fixed fulcrum. Note that the guest’s fingers cannot be used as a fulcrum, which not only affects the comfort of the guest, but also easily affects the final effect due to the shaking of the guest’s hand.

How to use the nail pen
Pointing pens

Pointing pens have balls of different sizes on both ends, which can be used to point out dots and dip in glue, or dip in phototherapy glue to get some small accessories, such as sequins and small steel balls.

How to use the nail pen
Glitter brush

Glitter brush, the pen tip is flat, the brush bristles are spread out, used to shake off the glitter or to depict many but not messy lines, such as wood grain.

How to use the nail pen
Gradient pen

Gradient pen, the brush bristles are smaller than the glitter brush, the brush bristles have less fine and soft scratches, and the gradation is more natural. It is a must for novices. In the process of drawing, the gradient pen should not be pressed too hard, just use the tip of the pen to gently move the color.

Is it difficult to become a professional manicurist? Nail novices also need to learn through professional nail training and master professional nail technology under systematic training and guidance. Nail salon is an industry where short-term investment can see profits, and it is a single product that fashion people love. There are such loyal fans of nail art, are you still worried that there is no future for learning nail art? The door of NRN Nail Art School is open for everyone. Welcome everyone to come to understand,

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