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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: Nail Tutorials Anime fans must see One Piece Anime nail, bringing you a different memory~

NRN Nail Tutorials Anime fans must see One Piece Anime nail, bringing you a different memory~

NRN Nail Tutorials

Everyone has their favorite anime in their hearts, and the editor is no exception~

I believe you must be familiar with this anime of One Piece! ! !

Today we will gradually analyze the details of making Luffy for everyone~

Step 1: (white background, use flesh pink gel to draw Luffy’s face and arms)

NRN Nail Tutorials

Step 2: Then draw the outline of the straw hat~

NRN Nail Tutorials

Step 3: Dip red gel to draw clothes

Step 4: Draw the eyes, mouth and buttons~

NRN Nail Tutorials

Step 5: Draw the shadows of teeth and skin

Step 6: Draw Luffy’s hair and the details of the ditch (this step is a big project, come on~)

NRN Nail Tutorials

Step 7: Make the straw hat look more realistic~

NRN Nail Tutorials

Step 8: Brush the top coat (you’re done!)

NRN Nail Tutorials

Luffy has finished drawing, next we will come up with the decomposition steps of another core character, Chopper~

How to make beautiful nail patterns of Tony Tony Chopper Nail

Dip powder nude color nails 10g 12-color set

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5. Product Features: fine and even powder, no impurities, smooth after mixing the solution, easy to shape;
6. Product usage: need to be used with Acrylic liquid, pour the Acrylic liquid into the cup before making the Acrylic armor or carving, use an Acrylic pen or

Carving pen Take the liquid in the cup, after taking the cup, remove the excess liquid at the mouth of the cup, and then use the water that has been soaked in the crystal liquid

The Acrylic pen takes a powder, and the nib forms an Acrylic grease ball, which can be used to shape the nail surface;

Acrylic powder now comes in three colors:  Clear, white,  pink.

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