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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: Share The detailed steps of nail removal

The detailed steps of nail removal Nail sharing | NRN Nail Tutorial

Many friends do not pay much attention to nail removal, but the editor reminds everyone that removal is also very important. Today, the editor of NRN Makeup School will share the steps to remove the armour. There are more steps to remove nails!


The detailed steps of nail removal

Many friends do not pay much attention to the removal of the nails, but the editor reminds everyone that the removal of the nails is also very important. Today, the editor will share the steps to remove the armor. There are more steps to remove nails!

  Professional Armor Removal Method

  Removal is actually a test of the patience and professional ability of the manicurist. Many manicurists have good money making ability, but whether they can serve customers carefully is the criterion for judging whether they are good manicurists~

  How to remove the nails

   Prepare a bottle of professional nail gel remover, orange sticks, nutrient oil, nail polish remover and other supplies.

  Nail removal tutorial

   The first step: prepare professional nail glue remover for use.

   The second step: dip the oblique end of the orange stick with the degumming agent, as shown in the figure.

  The third step: Use orange stick to apply the glue release agent around the nail and the inside of the nail, as shown in the figure.

   Step 4: Wait for a while and then slowly remove the nail piece from the side with an orange stick.

   Step 5: After removing the nail piece, there will still be glue residue around the nail, which can be removed with nail polish remover or nail remover.

   Step 6: Then use some nutrient oil to care for the skin and nails around the nails~

   Preparation tools: sand strips, dust brushes, tweezers, small steel pushers, sponge files, polishing strips, tin foil, cotton, nail polish remover, nutrient oil


The detailed steps of nail removal

Removal steps:

  Step1 Polishing: Use a sand stick to polish the nail surface in the order of side-front-side.

Step2 Cleaning: Clean the nail surface with a dust brush. Polished nail surface effect: The nail surface must be covered with marks, but the color should not be polished

Step3 Wrap the nail polish remover: cut out the appropriate size of tin foil; and take a sufficient amount of nail remover to the cotton; use tweezers to completely cover the cotton on the nail surface;

  Step4 package: Put tin foil under the nail; pay attention to the seal; wrap the cotton; wait for 5-10 minutes, we will take off the nail remover as a whole.

   Step5 Remove the armor removal kit: Use a small steel push to gently push off the softened glue. Be careful to push gently, otherwise it will damage the nail surface.

  Step6 Use a sponge file to gently grind away the remaining glue and polish the nail surface.

  Step7 Clean the nail surface: Use a dust brush to clean the nail surface.

  Step8 polishing: Polish the nail surface with a polishing strip, first lightly polish the rough surface, and then use the fine surface.

   Step9 Apply nutrient oil: Apply nutrient oil to the nail edge and massage until absorbed


The detailed steps of nail removal

Convenient way to remove armour

   This method is suitable for emergency nail control at home. For example, it is too ugly to fall off and there is no time to remove the nails, but it is not recommended to operate frequently!

   I have not learned professional nail art knowledge, it is possible that the nails may be damaged by the poor grasp of the strength during the removal process, which will cause the nails to become thin and brittle.

   Preparation tools: Armor remover kit, small steel pusher, sponge sand strip, polishing strip, nutrient oil.

   nail removal steps: first polish the nails with a sponge sand strip, the removable seal layer can be polished, so the fairies can ask the manicurist before doing the manicure~ please pay attention to putting the nail remover on the nails when wrapping! It must be wrapped tightly, otherwise the armour remover will quickly dry out and fail. The wrapping time can be 10-20 minutes;

   Then use a small steel pusher to gently push off the nail polish. If there is a little residue on the nail surface, use a sponge emery stick to polish it.

Then use a polishing strip to polish and apply nutrient oil to complete~

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