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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: Steps of Magic Mirror Powder Nail Art

Steps of Magic Mirror Powder Nail Art

The magic mirror powder of nail art is the artifact of little beauty nail art. Some people call it titanium powder. This kind of nail material can make nail art with various textures, and it can also make nail art with a metallic effect. So what are the steps to use magic mirror powder?

  1. Brush the polished nail surface evenly with the base coat, and thinly coat your favorite nail polish after it is dry.
  2. Apply no wipe top coat, and then light the lamp for about 30 seconds.
  3. Dip a small amount of magic mirror powder with a sponge brush, and gently press it on the nail surface with a thin coating.
  4. After evenly spreading, rub the nail surface up and down with a cotton swab until a smooth mirror effect appears.
  5. Gently brush off excess powder with a brush.
  6. Apply Reinforced plastic, top coat backlight until it is dry.
Magic Mirror Powder
  1. Brush the base coat and cure with the lamp, apply a uniform black gel polish on the nail surface, and cure with the lamp. In order to make the color fuller, brush it again and cure with the lamp~
  2. Brush a layer of no wipe top coat on the nail surface and cure with light.

Tips: Using magic mirror powder on no wipe top coat is more intuitive than using it directly on color gel.

  1. Gently tap the bottle head against the rear edge of the nail surface a few times, put an appropriate amount of magic mirror powder on the nail surface, and pat the nail surface lightly with a sponge swab dipped in the magic mirror powder to make the color transition naturally.

Tips: Because it is a two-color transition, do not apply the magic mirror powder directly on the nail surface during operation to prevent the color from being easily transitioned naturally.

  1. Use the same method to put an appropriate amount of magic mirror powder of other colors on the outer edge of the nail surface, pat the nail surface with a sponge stick dipped in the magic mirror powder to make the color transition naturally, and then apply the two-color magic mirror powder on the nail surface Open, make the nail color fuller~
  2. Swipe the excess floating powder on the nail surface, then apply a layer of top coat, and it will be cured by the light.
Magic Mirror Powder

Our Company
NRN COSMETICS Co., Ltd was established in Guangzhou in 2008. Our company is committed to manufacturing high-quality and fashionable nail art products for nail product distributors and nail art salons.

We offer a wide selection of UV gel products. Currently, we have 9 series which more than 1000 colors. Our series include: NRNShellac, Gel polish, One Step Gel, Acrylic Nail, Dip Powder, Diamond, Rainbow, Glass Glitter, Fashion 3D Magic. We also offer UV / LED LAMPS, UV Base Coat, UV Top Coat, UV Color Gel, UV Builder Gel, UV Glitter Gel etc

With a 3,000 square meter factory, more than eighty employees, an efficient system of production and a strong R&D department, we can serve our customers promptly and efficiently. Excellent quality, competitive price, timely shipment and friendly service have earned us a fantasy reputation and rapid growth in business. Our products are exported to USA, Canada, Europe, in total more than forty countries.

OEM service and Kits customized is available. If you are interested in any product or have special requirement, Please feel free to contact us. Our aim is not only to be a good supplier, but what’s more, a prefect partner to help our clients to achieve their goals.

1.What products your company specialize in?
We specialize in personal care, nail dryer, uv lamp, led lamp, mini nail dryer etc for more than 10 years

2.What’s your payment terms?
Standard terms: T/T in advance, West Union and Paypal.

3.What’s the warranty service do you offer?
We offer 12 month warranty for all our products.

4.How do you ensure month high quality of your products?
Strict QC with 6 steps testing from raw material purchase to finished product.

5.How do you ship the order normally?
For large quantity orders, ship the goods by sea.
For small quantity order, by air or express. We supply optional express for you, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TXT, EMS and so on.

And we own DHL & TNT account ,you will get the goods more faster.

6.What is the lead time after customer place order?
Usually our lead time is 5-15 days after we confirm payment. Usually, It depends on the quantity.

7.Do you do OEM and ODM?
Yes, we do OEM and ODM for more than 10 years.

Our Service
We promise to our customers’ satisfaction and have professional after-service.So if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us any time.

About 2-5 days to express DHL FedEx to all over the world;18-25 days by sea.

NRN always put the quality of products at first place, from purchasing of raw material to the whole process, we have strict requirements to ensure product quality. we make quality test before stock out.

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