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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: teach you how to easily make candy-colored nails

how to easily make candy-colored nails tutorial | NRN Nail Tutorial

Candy colors are hot in spring and summer, and this trend will continue in autumn and winter. This manicure rabbit is very cute and interesting. Girls who like rabbits and Western culture can’t miss it!

This manicure is soft in color, innocent and fun, like a fairy tale interpretation, very loving. Let’s see the specific steps together.

how to easily make candy-colored nails

Transparent primer, pink, white, light blue, lavender, yellow nail polish, bright nail polish.

  1. First apply a layer of your favorite transparent primer. Just a thin layer, not too thick.
how to easily make candy-colored nails

2. Apply white, pink, lavender, yellow, and light blue nail polish on the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and tail finger respectively. These colors are all softer. Apply one layer first, wait 3~5 minutes, and then apply the second layer.

how to easily make candy-colored nails
  1. Use a thinner nail brush to dip the ears and face of the white nail oil painting rabbit, use black nail to oil the eyes and mouth, and finally use the coral color nail to oil the inside of the ears, nose and bow tie. Keep the color clean and dirty. It can be cleaned with nail polish remover.
  2. Use stripes, dots and sequins to draw cute Easter eggs on your thumbs. Paint whatever you like. Give full play to your imagination!
  3. Finally, don’t forget to apply a layer of shiny, long-lasting nail polish, it can protect your masterpiece and make the pattern more vivid and interesting. Easter bunny manicure is OK. The cartoon is interesting and has cultural meaning. Have the girls learned it?

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how to easily make candy-colored nails

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