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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: The details of the gradation of the nail art loose powder

The details of the gradation of the nail art loose powder

loose powder

The first step: prepare the required gel polish and tools, trim the nails and polish the nail surface, brush the base coat, and light the plate for 60 seconds. Apply a blue background color to the nail face evenly, without lighting.

The second step: Dip a proper amount of glitter on one end of the fan-shaped pen, and tap it with your nails to make the glitter fall on the nail surface.

Step 3: Start from the tip of the nail and slowly transition to the two-thirds of the nail surface.

Step 4: Encrypt the front end of the nail, and the front edge must not show the background color.

Step 5: Use a wooden stick to adjust the undesirable places.

Step 6: Lightly press the protruding part with the oblique head of the wooden stick, and illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds.

Step 7: Finally, apply a top coat on the nail surface and light it for 60 seconds.

loose powder

1 First of all, we will prepare some basic tools, such as nail clippers, dead skin forks, sponge frustrations, sand frustrations, and special oil pens. These are the most basic nail trimming tools. Secondly, we are glitter Gradient nails are prepared with nail polish remover, makeup remover cotton, calcium oil, top coat and glitter powder.

2 If we do nail art, we need to take care of the hands and nails. First, we wash our hands with warm water and soak them, then use nail clippers, dead skin forks, dead skin scissors to remove the dead skin thorns on the edges of the nails on the hands, and then take them Shaft the nails into an oval shape and use a sponge to remove the barbs on the edges of the nails.

3 First, we apply a layer of calcium oil on the nails. After the calcium oil is dried, we apply a layer of top coat on top. This is why we can use a small brush to dip loose powder on the tip of the nail, starting from the tip of the nail. Drag the skin down to loosen the powder to form a gradual feeling. After the gel polish and loose powder are completely dry, apply it later, and then apply the last top coat.

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