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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: The Magic Mirror Powder Nail Can Only Be Painted In Pure Colors?

The Magic Mirror Powder Nail Step by Step

1.Basic practice-pure color

(1) Routine steps

Polish the nail surface (If the polishing is not in place, the mirror powder is prone to come off)

Apply base coat

UV lamp light to dry

Apply color gel

Apply no wipe top coat

The UV lamp lights dry.

(2) Dip the magic mirror powder

Make sure that there is no float on the nail surface.

Then use a cotton piece/sponge stick,

Dip very little magic mirror powder,

In a small number of times,

Shoot on the nail surface.

(2) Apply magic mirror powder

After the cotton/sponge stick is dipped in the magic mirror powder,

A little harder with your fingers,

Rub back and forth longitudinally on the nail surface,

In this way, the gloss effect of the magic mirror powder will be more uniform and shiny.

The front and sides of the nail face should be applied in place,


The magic mirror powder only needs one layer!

(4) Apply top coat

After applying,

Clean the floating powder with a dust brush first

, Then apply no wipe top coat and light up the light,

Note that the front edge of the nail should be wrapped.

If the customer’s nails are thinner,

After the top coat,

Apply one more layer of Reinforced plastic,

In this way, the magic mirror powder will not fall off easily.

the magic mirror powder nails
  1. Mirror powder nail art-French style

The first approach:

Based on the pure color magic mirror powder nail art,

Use white gel polish on the tip of the nail,

Draw a uniform smile line,


Apply no wipe top coat,

Light up the lights again.

French magic mirror powder nails are ready!

The second approach:

First use nude color or white gel polish for primer,

Then put French stickers on the nail surface,

Use a sponge stick,

Apply magic mirror powder on the tip of the nail,

After applying no wipe top coat light,

Tear off the French stickers,

The shiny effect comes out

the magic mirror powder nails
  1. Mirror powder nail art-gradient

After finishing the pure color magic mirror powder nail art,

Apply black gel polish on 1/3 of the nail surface,

Then use a small pen to keep pulling down,


After the layering is smudged,


Then apply no wipe top coat,


The magic mirror powder gradient manicure is ready~

the magic mirror powder nails

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