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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: the steps of pure color nails

pure color nails steps| NRN Nail Tutorials

pure color nails

In order to match good-looking skirts, shirts and shorts, many girls who love beauty will choose to do a manicure. Here are the steps for simple color nails, let’s understand together:

pure color nailsl steps

STEP1: First use professional manicure tools to repair the desired nail shape and exfoliate the hands.

STEP2: Then apply a layer of nail polish to the nails, which can protect the nails and keep the color of the nail polish longer.

STEP3: When applying nail polish, start from the middle, brush a long strip from the root of the nail to the tip of the nail.

STEP4: After brushing in the middle, brush both sides to let the colors of the three nail polishes merge. Newbies are prone to uneven coloring. You can practice a few more times to make the color uniform and smooth the nails.

STEP5: After the nail polish is dry, apply a layer of bright nail polish to increase the brightness of the nails and also protect the nail polish.

STEP6: Dip the nail polish remover with a small brush and wipe off the excess nail polish on the edge of the nail.

Practice a lot and you will be able to get perfect nails!

Steps of pure color gradient nail

Step 1: Prepare the gradient sponge, here is the Innisfree nail art gradient sponge tool. If there is no product on the picture, you can use your own beauty sponge to cut into pieces.
Step 2: Apply nail polish directly on the sea, arrange the colors and divide them into layers to see what you like. Here choose pink orange and light purple to match, it is also good to use this year’s popular color pink and blue to match~

Step 3: Apply a layer of primer on the nails, and dip the clean nails with a sponge back and forth. It is best to apply petroleum jelly or anti-spill glue to the surrounding skin in advance. Anti-spill glue will be more professional~

Step 4: After letting it dry for a while, dip your nails with a well-painted sponge until they are all colored and there are no gaps.

Step 5: Dip the nail polish remover with a cotton swab to clean the surrounding skin. Apply Vaseline in advance to protect the skin. It is very easy to make a clean gradation effect with a sponge soaked in nail polish, and then a layer of polish on the top can keep it longer.

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