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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: Nail Pen’s Types and Usage

Nail Pen’s Types and Usage

Notes for nail pen

  1. Newly opened nail pen: before the new nail pen is used. Moisturize the nail pen with base coat first. Then use it.
  2. Cleaning: use professional pen washing water: or clean water. Soak or scrub.
  3. Nail pen tip split: 1 minus excess split ends 2 It can be dipped in base coat or shaped 3 It is best to place the nail pen holder upright to prevent split ends.

Note: Never use alcohol or nail polish remover. Clean the nail brush! Keep the cleaned nail pen away from light. Prevent the nail bristles from hardening and do not expose to light

The nail area is: nylon nail brush hair (that is, man-made fiber hair)

Mink, rabbit, horse hair, etc.

  1. Shortline nail art pen: special nail art drawing line drawing. Very suitable for short lines and fine patterns.
  2. Mid-line nail pen: The mid-line nail pen is relatively longer. Suitable for delineating lines, leaves, etc.
  3. The longest drawing nail pen: more suitable for drawing straight lines with one nail pen.
  4. Oblique head nail pen: small oblique head design. Humanized use. You can change gradients, draw nail strokes and more! It can also be based on the design of the nail brush. The manicurist plays by himself. Describe delicate patterns.
  5. Carved nail art pen: There are two types of carved nail art pen in the shape of diamond: UV nail and Acrylic nail. The engraved nail pen for UV is harder! Carved nail pen for Acrylic nails with soft hair
  6. UV nail pen: The nail pen is full and elastic, and the flat nail pen is designed to facilitate the removal of glue. Easy to brush. Different types of UV nail pens have different uses, except for UV nails, they can also draw delicate patterns.
  7. Plaid nail pen: The nail pen tip is small and exquisite, the hair quality is very soft, and it is convenient to draw the plaid! Thick lines, patterns and other patterns.
  8. Small round nail pen: The nail pen hair is firmer and rounder. In addition to coloring the painted petals, it can also be used as a UV builder nail.
  9. Gradient nail pen: It is shaped like a fan, the hair is softer, it is used for gradation effect, and the level is also very natural.
  10. Poke nail pen: divided into round head type and oblique mouth type! Used for manicure composition assistance functions, such as embellishment, color gradient, etc.!
  11. Daisy nail pen: Nail pen hair is short and thick. Used to draw petals and delicate patterns.
  12. Dot bead nail pen: It can draw wave dots, dot flowers, dot diamonds or water.
  13. Dead skin cleaning nail pen: used to push dead skin and carve nail surface.
  14. Scratch nail pen: used for carving, hollowing and embossing.
  15. Acrylic nail pen: nail brush for Acrylic nails! Not easy to branch, good flexibility.
  16. Sponge gradient nail pen: It is specially used for gradient and fine powder coloring.
  17. French manicure pen: The nail pen has a curved cutting design, and three nail pens can draw a perfect French edge.
  18. Universal nail pen: You can dip a lot of colored paint at one time to draw large petals, leaves, etc.! Type for composition! A multi-purpose painted nail pen.

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