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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: What is easy to overlook issue after applying nail

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the issue after applying nail

the issue after applying nail

1.Take a hot bath immediately

After finishing the nail art, it takes some time to let it dry and set. Even if the surface does not seem to be sticky anymore, after washing with hot water or steaming, the beautiful appearance will be deformed or even foam. Therefore, it is better to wait at least one hour before taking a bath. NRN Nai NRN Nai Training NRN Nai School

  2. Go to bed immediately

   In fact, finished nails will not be completely dried and shaped until 24 hours later. Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and found that your newly made nails have embossed lines on them? Here is a tip: After completing all the manicure procedures, wait a few minutes to let the surface dry. Rinse your hands with cold water for three to five minutes to help the nail polish set faster. It should be noted that the water can not be directly washed on the surface of the nail, otherwise the gravity of the water will ruin the newly made manicure.

  3. Eliminate the top coat
  The top coat is the last process and must not be omitted. Top coat is the first defense of nail art. In addition to increasing the gloss, it looks more blingbling and can also keep the color longer. If you add a layer of top coat every other day, you will see the manicurist later.

  4. Omit base coat

   Some people say that their nail polish is always uneven, and some people complain that their nails turn yellow after removing the nail polish. The reason is that they did not apply base coat. The role of the base coat is to isolate the natural nail surface and the nail polish, prevent the nails from being stained, and avoid the nails from delamination or breakage. It is absolutely necessary. NRN Nai NRN Nai Training NRN Nai School

   5. Apply too thick in one go
In order to make the color on your nails as strong as the color in the bottle, have you ever tried to apply a lot of nail polish at once, and then wait for a long time without drying? Yes, even after more than half an hour , If you inadvertently rub somewhere, you will face failure. The correct way to apply nail polish is to apply a thin layer each time, wait two minutes and then apply it again, repeat two to three times, and it will dry out very quickly.

  6. ​​Must “one picture to the end”

  Some people like to dip a lot of nail polish and start applying it in the middle, hoping to finish in one stroke. Facts have proved that this method does not work. The nail polish in the middle is very thick and there are gaps on both sides of the nail, and the nail polish quickly begins to peel off. Experienced manicurists always apply a proper amount of nail polish (or even a small amount) from one side of the nail (from the bottom of the nail to the fingertip), such as the left side, and then apply the nail polish again from the bottom of the right side of the nail. To the fingertips, finally paint the middle. NRN Nai NRN Nai Training NRN Nai School

  7. Greasy nails
   When nail polish is applied to some oily nails, the nail polish will fall off quickly, and cuticle oil should be applied after the nail process. Before applying primer, Gelish PH Prep can be used to neutralize the oil on the nail surface to make the primer more docile. In other words, it is the “makeup primer” for nails.

8.Use expired nail polish

nail polish is also time-limited. With the passage of time, the solvent in the nail polish slowly evaporates, and the nail polish becomes thicker with the naked eye, and some even pull silk. Even if you barely apply it, the clumps will really affect the appearance. It is recommended that you organize regularly and throw away those nail polishes that have been bought for more than 12 months. NRN Nai NRN Nai Training NRN Nai School

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