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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: What is The kind of shiny thing in a layer of nail polish is called? Gloss oil

Gloss oil, The kind of shiny thing in a layer of nail polish | NRN Nail Tutorial

Gloss oil

Gloss oil. Also known as lime rosin varnish. Rosin is heated and melted, reacted with a certain amount of slaked lime powder (calcium hydroxide) to prepare calcium rosin ester, and then refined together with drying oil, and then diluted with drier and No. 200 solvent gasoline. The acid value is about 65-90, the softening point is 140°C, and the film hardness and gloss are good, but it is brittle, poor in weather resistance, and poor in water resistance. It is a quick-drying enamel that is only suitable for indoor use.

   Correct nail polish usage:
  一. Get ready to paint your nails

   Clean the nails, polish the nail polish with a polishing block, so that the nail polish can be evenly brushed and colored. Pay attention to the pull here, be sure to choose a good polishing speed, a good polishing speed only needs to be polished a few times to reveal the luster from the inside, and will never damage the nails. Inferior polishing blocks, it takes a long time to polish to get a gloss, and the gloss is very dull. This is not the main reason. Because the polished for a long time, it will thin the nails. The gloss is available. The price is the health of the nails. You have to try it. , And the light thrown in this way will lose its luster after one wash. This means that the nails will be thinned again and the nails will be thinned again, which is basically a vicious circle.

  二,apply base coat

   is guaranteed to make the nails look shiny, bald, and form a protective film. The nail polish is better to look at. The base coat is almost transparent, and it is okay to not apply nail polish and light primer. If you apply colored nail polish directly without applying primer, it will cause pigmentation of the nails. At the same time, if the colored nail polish directly touches the nails, it will be harmful to health. The nails are unsightly, and nothing looks good when applied, so base coat It must be prepared.

  1, yellowing, pigmentation nail polish is acidic, nails are alkaline, there must be a product in between to balance the acid and alkali. Otherwise the nails will slowly turn yellow and pigmentation.

  2, broken, delamination Many girls have very soft nails (naturally thin or injured by fake nails). Without primer, it is more likely to damage the hardness of the nails and make the nails fragile, delamination, and broken.

  三, apply 2 layers of color nail polish

  The correct way to apply colorful nail polish:

   1. Paint the tip of the nail first, so that the nail polish will become stronger

  2. Paint the surface of the nail, first paint the center, and then paint the left side, and be careful not to have lines on the right side. Be careful not to press the nail brush too hard

  3, apply nail polish a second time, it is almost the same color as seen through the bottle

  四,Apply top coat gloss oil

 Gloss oil has the effect of sealing and brightening. After the nail polish is dry, be sure to apply the gloss oil to keep the color of the colored nail polish and protect the nail polish from the hard work. A good polish can give cheap nail polish the same brilliance as OPI. The nail polish only gives the nail color, and then pays attention to the composition of the nail polish, so as to harm the human body as much as possible. Then there is the durability of nail polish. Shine polish is the real icing on the cake.

and also
   5 steps to perfect nail polish:

   1: Put the primer on. Primer can keep the color of nail polish longer and help prevent pigmentation. When topping, follow the order of painting in the middle and then on both sides. The base oil is divided into calcium type, enhanced type and so on.

   2: Paint color. Move quickly when applying nail polish and finish applying three strokes. Start from the middle of the root of the nail and apply it to the tip of the nail. When brushing the color, the nail polish brush should be slightly away from the soft skin area, and be careful not to stain the color on the soft skin. Generally, nail polish starts to fall off from the top of the nail. Therefore, first brush the nail polish on the top part of the nail to avoid this phenomenon.

   If you accidentally brush your nail polish to the side, you can use a small wooden cotton swab to roll a little cotton pad and dip it in the nail polish remover carefully.

   3: Secondary coloring. The second coloring can make the color of nail polish more full and lasting, fully showing its true color. Note that the first application is thinner and the second application is thicker.

   4: Protection oil. Finally, applying a layer of protective oil can make the color of the nail polish more shiny and keep it longer.

  5: When applying nail polish, keep the nail polished finger and hand holding the brush steady, and don’t shake your hand. After applying the nail polish, do not do things with your hands immediately, after about 30 minutes. It takes 12 hours for the nail polish to completely solidify. It is best not to wash your hands with hot water before, so as to avoid the nail polish from losing its luster and causing signs of peeling off in the future.

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