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NRN Nail Dipping Powder: What should I do if the nail printing fails to print? Detailed steps for nail printing

Detailed steps for nail printing | NRN Nail Tutorial

What to do if the nail print does not print

You must first apply the nail polish on the printing plate. Any brand of nail polish is fine. As long as it is color-developing, it can cover the original color of the nail as the standard. The contrast between the base color and the print is easier Can tell. The method of printing needs to use a roller, and the same is used to print on the nails. If you practice a few times on the paper, you can print well, and the board should be no problem. There are videos on the Internet, and I couldn’t make it before, and I haven’t failed after learning the trick.

nail printing

Detailed steps for nail printing

1. On the basis of French nails, apply BOW finger edge primer around the finger edge.

nail printing

2. Apply white ink on the printing plate.

nail printing

3. Immediately scrape off the ink with a scraper at a 45 degree angle, I used a business card. Roll the pattern gently with the stamp.

nail printing

4. Roll the print on the nail.

nail printing

5. Tear off the primer on the finger edge.

nail printing

6. Use a brush dipped in nail polish remover to brush off the nail polish on the surrounding area.

nail printing

7. Brush the top oil.

nail printing

Nail polish quality judgment

The quality of nail polish depends on whether it has the following properties:

1. It has proper drying speed and can harden

2. The viscosity is easy to apply to nail

3. A uniform coating film can be formed

4. The color is uniform

5. The gloss and tone of the coating film can be maintained for a long time

6. Good adhesion of the coating film

7. The coating film has certain flexibility

8. The color of nail polish is very easy to remove when scrubbing with nail polish remover. When choosing nail polish, in addition to looking at the quality, the color selection should generally be in harmony with clothing or makeup.

How to clean the nail printing template

Nail art printing templates can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. For the smaller cracks, you can first cover the cotton with nail polish remover and then clean it with a toothpick.

1. Take out the print head and wipe the rubber head with cotton dipped in nail polish remover several times to make the rubber head fuzzy, otherwise the pattern will not be transferred;

2. After simple repair and cleaning of nails, a layer of primer or gloss oil can be applied to enhance the coloring power of the nail surface, and paint can be painted after it is completely dry.

3. Brush the selected pattern on the steel plate with the selected colored nail polish, and scrape off the nail polish beyond the steel plate pattern with a scraper.

4. When the nail polish is not dry, put the stamp print head on the pattern and press hard to transfer the pattern to the print head.

5. Transfer the pattern on the print head to the nail surface.

6. You can add a little embellishment on the pattern (such as flower cores, animal eyes and other places that you think need to be embellished with glitter or diamonds) and finally polished with gloss oil protection patterns to avoid scratching or fading.

7. Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean the steel plate, squeegee and print head.

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