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NRN Nail Gel Polish:When is Nail Reinforced plastic applied?

Nail Reinforced plastic apply | NRN Nail Tutorial

Nail Reinforced plastic can apply a layer after Base Coat for thin and soft nails to increase the thickness and hardness of the nail surface; apply a layer before Top Coat to better protect the color Gel; it can also be used when the nail surface is uneven Apply one layer; apply one layer when finishing gold foil, pearls and other accessories to increase durability. But it is not recommended to apply too many layers, otherwise the nail surface will be too thick and there will be a feeling of tightness.

Nail Reinforced plastic

the first Before girls do nail art, they must first trim and polish their opponent’s nails. This is to keep the fingernails in a nice shape, and the nail effect will be more natural. After practicing and polishing, use a dust brush to remove excess dust. The area around the nail surface and the tip of the nail must be polished in place, so as to prevent warping when doing the nail art.

Nail Reinforced plastic

After finishing and polishing the fingernails, you can apply a thin layer of Nail Reinforced plastic at this time, remember that it must be a very thin layer. After applying the light for two minutes, the effect of this is to make the nail more lasting during the subsequent nail art, so as to prevent the color from fading or falling shortly after the application.

Nail Reinforced plastic


Reinforced plastic after Base Coat. Girls before Reinforced plastic, their nails were very fragile and weak, especially some girls with soft nails, you can apply the non-sharp Base Coat first, without having to polish your nails, and it can be applied particularly firmly.

Nail Reinforced plastic

After Base Coat lighting, and then Reinforced plastic, it can increase the thickness and hardness of the nails, and prevent girls from having too thin or too soft or brittle nails, which may cause delamination of girls’ nails. Some girls with soft nails must apply Base Coat. After applying the Base Coat, I then illuminate the lamp for about two minutes in order to make the Reinforced plastic fit my nails better, so that the edges will not be prone to curling when it comes out. And the color is full and will not shrink the Gel.

Nail Reinforced plastic


Before Top Coat applied Reinforced plastic, many girls did not stick to a single style when choosing nail art. Some styles are more cumbersome and full of tricks. Because the shape is unique, girls will obviously find that their nails are uneven after making the style.

Nail Reinforced plastic

Reinforced plastic can be used at this time. Reinforced plastic can play a very good role in smoothing the nail surface. Finally, Top Coat is completed. If the girl wants to add some flat pieces of jewelry or add some diamonds to her nails after Top Coat. At this time, you can also apply a layer of Reinforced plastic, which can strengthen the jewelry. Make the surface of the nails less bumpy, smoother, and make the nails longer lasting.

Nail Reinforced plastic

In the process of manicure, the important role of Base Coat cannot be ignored. It can make the nails more stable, and the thin layer of Base Coat can make the effect more full without shrinking the Gel, so Base Coat is very important. Choosing the appropriate application time is also a point worth noting. If you do not know how to apply Reinforced plastic when doing nail art, these places are all possible.

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