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NRN Nail Gel Polish: Correctly understand Nail Art Agents And Commonly Used Gels

Nail Art Agents And Commonly Used Gels | NRN Nail Tips

Auxiliary class

Auxiliary class

1. Softener Cuticle Remover

product description: During the nail repair process, Play the role of softening the old cuticle, It is to soften the dead skin when removing the dead skin, It is convenient to remove dead skin.


(1) Apply nail cuticle remover on the edge of the nail, You can use cotton swabs, Or use a brush to gently rub the dead skin.

(2) Clean up after two minutes, Then use the exfoliating tool, Such as dead skin pliers, Remove excess dead skin, Wipe clean with a soft paper towel afterward.

2. Binder

product description: Also called adhesive, Can make the primer better adhere to the nail surface, Not easy to fall off. Instructions: After carving and grinding, apply it on the surface of the nail, No lights are needed. If a desiccant is used, Then use it after the desiccant.

3. Cuticle Oil

product description: Cuticle oil can moisturize the nails or the skin around the edges, Makes skin moisturized and shiny.


Care: If you just care for your hands, After removing the dead skin, Use cuticle oil to massage your hands;

Manicure: Use cuticle oil after Top Coat, If cuticle oil is used after the dead skin is removed, It is equivalent to the oil on the nail surface, There is no way to get on Base Coat.

Nail Art Agents And Commonly Used Gels
Nail Art Agents And Commonly Used Gels
Nail Art Agents And Commonly Used Gels

Common Gel Class

1.Base Coat

product description: Enhance the adhesion of Gel Polish, Make Gel Polish not easy to peel off from nails, More durable and beautiful, It also serves to isolate and protect this armor.

Instructions: Apply Base Coat evenly on the surface of the nails and light up. Note: Base Coat and primer are the same type of product. But Base Coat corresponds to Gel Polish. The primer corresponds to nail polish, Now nail polish has generally been replaced by Gel Polish, So the primer is rarely used!

2. Reinforced plastic

product description: Reinforced plastic comes with good leveling, It can repair slight irregularities on the nail surface, Or the style is uneven, Can increase nail hardness.

Instructions: If the nail is uneven, Or the nails are thinner, You can brush a layer of Reinforced plastic, After lighting up, Brush the nail polish again. If it is after making a style, Found that the nail surface is uneven, Or want to reinforce the pasted style, You can use Top Coat after Reinforced plastic lighting.


product description: Also known as Transparent Gel, Model Gel and Extended Gel, There are two types: removable and non-removable. Removable UV GEL: Good flexibility but poor strength, Generally used on this armor. You can make shorter extension Gel, The extension range is controlled within 2mm, Too long is not easy to shape, It can be removed with nail polish remover. Non-removable UV GEL: The main function is to lengthen and shape nails, So generally called model Gel, Or extend Gel, The removal requires a sand bar or a grinder for physical removal.

4.Gel Polish

product description: Refers to instead of nail polish, Nail products that can be painted and removed directly on this nail, After the application is completed, you need to go through the light. Gel Polish includes Barbie Gel, Luminous Gel, Painted Gel, Cat Eye Gel, Gem Gel, etc. And like painted Gel, cat’s eye Gel, gem Gel, etc., Gel Polish with special functions is also called functional Gel.

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