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NRN Nail Gel Polish: What causes the foaming of Nail Gel Polish

Nail Gel Polish has the same effect as nail polish | NRN Nail Gel Polish

Nail Gel Polish

First, the nails were not cleaned; second, the Base Coat was used improperly, and the coating was too thin or too thick; third, the binder was used too much. These three reasons will cause Nail Gel Polish to foam and affect the nail art effect.

Whether it is nail polish or Nail Gel Polish, nails should be thoroughly cleaned before use. The main cleaning is the dirt and dead skin on the nails, as well as the oil on the surface. If it is not cleaned up, Nail Gel Polish will not fit the nails completely after applying it, and bubbles will be generated which will affect the nail art effect. In addition, pay attention not to touch it frequently after cleaning the nails to avoid re-contamination.

Nail Gel Polish

After the nail is thoroughly cleaned, a layer of Base Coat needs to be applied to the surface of the nail. Base Coat is like our daily use of barrier cream, first make a bedding for the nails, and then apply Nail Gel Polish. A good manicurist is very accurate about the amount of primer used, neither too much nor too little, so that it is evenly applied to the nails. Also pay attention to using Base Coat of the same brand as Nail Gel Polish. If the brand is different, the substance may be different, which will cause Nail Gel Polish to foam due to repulsion.

Nail Gel Polish

The durability and gloss of Nail Gel Polish are very good, but some manicurists choose to use a binder in order to keep Nail Gel Polish on the nails for a longer time. Although the binding agent will increase its durability to a certain extent, if the binding agent is used too much, it will have the opposite effect. It will not only make the Nail Gel Polish foam, but also make it lift up quickly and shorten the nail art. Shelf life. So pay attention to the amount of binder used, generally just apply a thin layer, so that it can make them more tightly combined without affecting the nail effect.

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