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NRN Nail Gel Polish: What is the role of Nail Base Coat Gel

Nail Base Coat Gel is to protect nails and prevent nails from falling off| NRN Nail Tips

Nail Base Coat Gel

Nail Base Coat Gel is to protect nails and prevent nails from falling off. Applying Base Coat before nail art is a common-sense operation. Only after applying Base Coat, subsequent application of Gel Polish will not damage the nails. At the same time, Base Coat can also make Gel Polish more firmly attached to the nails. Increase the use time of nail art to increase durability.

Nail Base Coat Gel

Before applying Base Coat, you should first polish the nails. For example, make the shiny oil on the surface of the nails rougher, so that the Base Coat will be firmer on the nails and better prevent it from falling off. This layer of Base Coat can protect the nails to maintain a healthy color after the nail is removed, and will not turn yellow or corrode due to the long-term retention of Gel Polish, so this layer of Base Coat also plays a role of protection and isolation. Many girls don’t keep a manicure for too long. Basically, they have to change a color for a while. So if the nail is changed frequently in a short period of time, the nail base coat will play a very important protective role. With this Base Coat is also easier to remove nail art. After applying Gel Polish on nails, it will not damage the nails even under UV light.

Nail Base Coat Gel

In addition, apply a layer of adhesive before applying the Base Coat. This layer of adhesive can make the finger nails drier. Of course, GelPolish can maintain a tighter bond with its own nails after applying the adhesive. Gel Polish will not fall off more easily, especially those with strong nail polish should apply adhesive.

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