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NRN Nail Gel Polish: Which Gel Polish brands are commonly used in nail salons?

Which Gel Polish brands are commonly used in nail salons? | NRN Nail Tips

In our daily life, we usually go to nail salons to do nail art when we do manicures. I feel that the manicures we make at home are not the same as those made by nail salons.

So what are the Gel Polish brands commonly used in nail salons?

Tell me about the well-known brands on the market and give you a reference

Top international brands: CND, OPI, Presto, Artist, ORLY, etc., the price ranges from more than US$10-20;

Big brands at home and abroad: Harmony, IBD, Memory, etc., the price is about US$20-30;

Domestic expensive brands: Kangchun, Mi Gon, Renee T, Koudan, Renee Van Gogh, KAGA, etc., the price ranges from 8-15 US dollars;

Mid-range brands: Renee, Tianmei, Evelyn, Blue Zone, BO, Shifani, etc., the price is 5-8 US dollars per bottle

There are also many new brands with relatively high-cost performance: Naiyu, Lukou, etc. The price is 2-5 US dollars per bottle

No matter what brand you choose, it is recommended to use Base Coat, Color Gel, and Top Coat as a set for the best effect. Generally speaking, it is necessary to ensure that the color is sufficient twice, the Top Coat is bright, does not fall for 4 weeks, does not shrink the gel, does not wrinkle, and does not leave any residue during unloading

Gel Polish brands

There are two ways to learn nail art, one is to choose a professional nail school, and the other is to choose a nail shop.

Gel Polish brands
Gel Polish brands

1. Wash your hands: It is best to use warm water to bubble your hands before the manicure, and wash away the dust and dirt on the nails by the way~ It can also soften the edge of the nail.

2. Trimming: Beautiful nail shapes need to be trimmed. Generally speaking, choose a nail clipper that suits your nails. You can cut it in about 2 times. If it is too large, it is easy to cut frizz. If it is too small, it is easy to trim.

3. Sanding: Use a sand file to gently sand the edge of the nail. It is recommended to use a fine sand file to protect the nail.

4. Polishing: Many girls have very uneven nails. Polishing is recommended, but it is not recommended to use sanding bars to polish the nails, because if you do this often, the nails will become very thin and brittle, and the consequences will be extremely Adverse. Softening: especially in autumn and winter. We all know that the epidermis on the edge of the nail is often hard and dry, and it often peels. At this time, the epidermis softener can be used to solve it.

5. Nutrition: Apply a layer of surface nutrients on the edge of the nails, gently massage until absorbed, which has a strong protective effect on the nails

6. Primer: If the nails are not used for a long time, the nails will turn yellow after washing off the nail polish, which is caused by not using the primer.

7. Coloring: Choose your favorite nail polish color and apply it on the nails.

8. Top Coat: This is the last step of nail art. Apply bright oil on the painted nails, not only to make the nails particularly shiny, but also to protect the nail polish from fading!

Gel Polish brands

Some nail salons use better brands, such as OPI. The color and durability of opi are incomparable to other nail polishes. Of course, the technique of applying nail polish is also a key factor, to be fast, thin and accurate. The first layer of color oil should be very thin, it does not matter if it is uneven, the second layer should be a little thicker, it is best to apply a layer of bright oil, SV’s quick-drying polish is very good. The primer must be rubbed, it can increase the adhesion between the nail polish and the nail, so that the nail polish stays longer. And it can protect nails better.

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