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NRN Nail Gel Polish: Why does Nail Gel Polish need light?

Nail Gel Polish need Dry quickly | NRN Nail Gel Polish

Nail Gel Polish need Dry quickly

It is to make Nail Gel Polish dry quickly. Nail Gel Polish is a light-cured nail art product. Although it has the same effect as nail polish, Nail Gel Polish does not dry as fast as nail polish. However, it can be quickly dried by ultraviolet light.

Nowadays, people’s requirements for beauty are getting higher and higher, and they are getting more and more detailed, and even small nails have to be dressed up. I believe that many people have been to nail salons. There is a little difference between the people in the nail salons and our nail polish, that is, they need to use a lamp to irradiate our nail polish. This is actually because the nail polishes they use are not the same as the ones we use daily, although they have the same effect.

Nail Gel Polish need Dry quickly

The nail polish they use is called Nail Gel Polish. You can also call it nail polish, which is essentially a plastic-like resin. Like the nail polishes we use every day, they can all beautify nails, but in comparison, nail polish has more advantages than nail polish, and its gloss and hardness are stronger than nail polish. Many, and can keep longer, the operation is very simple, and also very friendly to beginners.

Nail Gel Polish need Dry quickly

However, the composition of Nail Gel Polish and nail polish are different, so when using Nail Gel Polish, it must be irradiated with light to dry and harden it. And in the way of use is also different from nail polish. Nail Gel Polish needs to be used in combination with Top Coat, binder, and colored Nail Gel Polish to better create a nail effect. The order of use is to base with Nail Gel Polish, then use colored Nail Gel Polish, and finally Top Coat to increase gloss. Of course, every time you use Nail Gel Polish, you must irradiate it with light to make it dry quickly, which saves time and makes the final effect better.

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