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NRN Nail Glitter Powder: Glitter Powder Factory Wholesale Glitter Powder Manufacturer

Glitter Powder Manufacturer Glitter Powder Factory Wholesale

Guangzhou NRN Glitter Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of splendid brand M, MH, MX and MS series products, polyester gold and silver thread series products, glitter cloth series products, main products: glitter silk, gold and silver thread, luminous silk, magic color , Glitter Cloth, Glitter Powder and other products. The company has decades of production experience. If you have requirements, please contact us.

Glitter Acrylic Powder 1Kg Supplier

The polyester glitter powder of NRN Glitter Co., Ltd. is composed of a vacuum metal polyester film, which is also a PET material. Its color layer is a thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer. It can produce a wide range of colors. It can be printed and coated. The layering and spraying methods are used for wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics and other materials. Forms special and eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection, and its temperature resistance is 180 ℃. 2. Metal quality: The product is composed of extremely thin aluminum foil, and its colored outer layer is a thermosetting cross-bonding epoxy layer. This product is suitable for many soluble materials and can also be applied dry. Metal glitter powder is an ideal material for plastic products, with a temperature resistance of 200°C. Various special specifications and colors can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Glitter Powder Manufacturer

NRN Glitter Co., Ltd. is a professional glitter powder manufacturer in South China. Its products include various specifications of color sequins, solvent-resistant glitter powder, luminous glitter powder, matte glitter powder, fluorescent glitter powder, laser glitter powder, Five-pointed star sequins, round sequins, magical glitter powder, aluminum glitter powder, imported glitter powder, colorful glitter powder, pure white glitter powder, pearl glitter powder, heart-shaped sequins, four-corner sequins, triangle sequins, Cosmetic glitter powder.

Glitter Powder Manufacturer

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