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NRN Nail Glitter Powder Manufacturers: What are glitter powder and its use?

Glitter powder manufacturers supply high-quality golden glitter powder for PET printing

The glitter powder is made of high-precision aluminum material, PET polyester film, PVC and other electroplating materials of different colors and colors. After vacuum-special aluminum plating, coating and coloring, high-temperature curing, slitting and cutting, and powder screening. Precision processing.

Glitter Powder Manufacturers

Glitter powder is widely used in Christmas crafts, cosmetics, high-end decoration, paint, paper packaging, couplets, greeting cards, festive supplies, clothing, glass crafts, shoe materials and leather processing.
As a surface treatment material with unique effects, green onion powder is characterized by enhancing the visual effect of the product, making the decorative parts have layers, and more three-dimensional. Its high flashing characteristics also make the decorations bright and dazzling and add luster .

Glitter Powder Manufacturers

NRN COSMETICS Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in the production of glitter powder. The supplied glitter powder has complete specifications, stable quality, and more than 200 colors to choose from.

Glitter Powder Manufacturers

Glitter powder is made of PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminum film material of different thickness with extremely high brightness, electroplating, coating and precision cutting. Commonly known as glitter tablets, glitter tablets, glitter powder, etc. Silver, gold, color, colorful, and laser all refer to individual varieties of “golden onion powder”.

Glitter Powder Manufacturers

Glitter powder has a wide range of applications, including the production of handicrafts, cosmetics, decorative materials and screen printing industries, cloth, leather, footwear or craft glass products, polycrystalline glass, crystal glass crystal balls, paint decoration, In furniture painting, toy pens and other fields, glitter powder is characterized by enhancing the visual effect of the product, making the decoration part beautiful and having a stronger and three-dimensional sense of hierarchy.

1. Product name: Nail Glitter Powder in kilograms;
2. Product specifications: 1kg single PE ziplock bag;
3. Product weight: 1000g, 30kg/box;
4. Product use: Dip powder needs to be used in conjunction with Acrylic liquid. There is an odor when using it. Please keep indoor ventilation.

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