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NRN Nail Glitter Powder: Nail Cheats-Use of Glitter Nail Polish

Use of Glitter Nail Polish

Let’s talk about the most tempting but the hardest to hold today: sequined nail polish. how to use?

Sequin nail polish is so special! This is not a polished polish with pearls, but a polish with large sequins. For some people, sequined nail polish is nothing more than open shelves, but for others, this is simply a new world!

Where can I buy this amazing product?

It is not difficult to buy sequined nail polish now. But when I first started blogging, the only mainstream sequin product was OPI Rainbow Connection. It’s much easier now! Most major brands have sequined nail polishes, and some independent distributors also sell them. They provide high-quality products and considerate customer service, but beware that some people will use your Internet search records by all means.

Unique method of use

Some glitter nail polishes are used in the same way as other nail polishes, just apply a few coats. But most of them are not like this. If the application speed is not fast enough, it may damage the underlying nail polish.

Use of Glitter Nail Polish

Generally speaking, sequined nail polish is a primer. Most glitter nail polishes need to be used on top of other non-transparent nail polishes, especially those transparent glitter nail polishes. When I was in pure high school, I would use this nail polish alone, which is as nonsensical as a red thong on white tights! Sometimes the base color nail polish is too thin and the color is not thick enough. You can consider whether you can accept the faint nail marks. Anyway, don’t forget to try new combinations.

After all, sequins are solid. It is conceivable that the drying process of sequin nail polish is very tangled. If you want a clean and smooth nail surface, you need a polished nail polish exclusively for glitter nail polish. Common products include Essence Gel-Look Top Coat, Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and Seche Vite. These products must be thick enough to fill the uneven surface of the sequined nail polish layer, so quick-drying products are a good choice

Armor removal method is also unique

Whether you are a nail art novice or a veteran, they often complain: “Sequined nail polish is really beautiful, but it’s so difficult to remove!” However, for beauty, many bloggers are striving to find a nail removal method that does not hurt nails and is suitable for sequined nail polish.

Use of Glitter Nail Polish

Two methods for sequin nail polish:

1: Aluminum foil method

If you use this method, it is easier to apply nail polish, but it will be more laborious when removing the nail. You need to cut the makeup remover cotton to the same size as your nails and apply acetone or other nail removal products on it, cover it on the nail surface, and then wrap each finger with aluminum foil. After 10 minutes, open the aluminum foil and you will find that most of the nail polish is attached to the cleansing cotton. You can repeat the operation if necessary, or use the back of a cleansing cotton to wipe here.

Use of Glitter Nail Polish

2: PVA base method

This method requires a lot of thought when applying nail polish, but the removal step is even easier than general removal. As long as you add a layer of primer containing PVA glue before the nail polish, you can easily tear off the entire nail polish when removing the nail. It is easier to operate after bathing, because hot water can dissolve part of the glue, but this may damage the nails. In the example, I applied a layer of primer on the tip of the nail before applying PVA glue to prevent the nail polish from peeling off prematurely (pictured).

Use of Glitter Nail Polish

The sequins in the sequin nail polish are not ordinary sequins

After I buy my favorite sequins, how do I start?

Pour the sequins directly into the nail polish, but it won’t work! The solvent in the nail polish will dissolve the main components of the sequins, such as plastic and paint. So you need sequins that can withstand solvents. These sequins are hard to find, and good manufacturers will conduct stability tests on the products for several months. Some sequins will fade or change color (known as bleeding sequin nail polish, which will leave strange marks on the nails), and some sequins will shrink and deform (known as curly sequins, burrito sequins, deformation may also cause sequins More shiny, but most of the time these distorted sequins can’t stay on the nails at all).

Because the problem is so complicated, independent manufacturers will strictly control the quality of sequins. There are also some well-known suppliers that provide solvent-resistant sequins: but it does not mean that all products sold by these manufacturers are solvent-resistant, and even if the manufacturer has related claims, it may not be reliable. Therefore, it is best to conduct tolerance testing before selling these products to avoid trouble in the future. Of course, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome for personal use.
What if the sequin you love fades?

Use of Glitter Nail Polish

Then don’t mix the sequins into the nail polish. Try the older method: first apply a layer of nail polish that matches the sequins. Before it dries out, lightly dip the sequins on the nail surface, or sprinkle the sequins on the nail surface. On (which method you use depends on the size of the sequins, the density of the sequins you want, and the amount of sequins in your hand). Finally, apply polish to increase durability. If the color fade is severe, you can even sprinkle sequins on the polish.

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