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NRN Nail Glitter Powder: Video Tutorial on How to Use Nail Glitter Powder

How to Use Nail Glitter Powder | NRN Nail Tutorial

  1. How to use Nail Glitter Powder

Dip the light therapy pen on your nails, or apply acrylic powder to make acrylic nails. Hope to adopt, thank you

  1. Who knows how to use nail art sequin powder?

You can use tweezers or a special glitter paint brush to spread on the nails, or use it to make gradients.
Use tweezers: Use tweezers to hold the sequins, apply nail adhesive on the bottom of the sequins (or point the adhesive on the nail surface), then place the sequins on the desired position, and wait for the adhesive to solidify. Apply a layer of protective varnish. You can also put the laser sheet directly on the nail polish when it is not dry, without glue, it can also play a fixed role after the nail polish is solidified.
Of course, the above method can also be smoothed directly with a sequin brush, but the sequin brush is easy to spread unevenly. It is recommended to polish it several times to make it smoother to the touch.

  1. How to use the dry glitter of nail art? ?

After finishing the basic care of the nails, apply the primer, and then use a small brush to apply an appropriate amount of glitter and sprinkle it on the tip of the nail. Sprinkle more on the tip of the nail, and the lighter the nail root, to make a gradual effect. Sweep away the excess and the glitter outside the edge of the nail, and then apply a layer of bright oil. Pay attention to the following points when operating:

  • The glitter must be scattered when the primer is not dry, because it will stick to it, so it is recommended to do it one by one. If you wait for all your fingers to apply the primer and then release the glitter, the primer will be dry. , The powder will also fall off;
  • For customers with long nails, you should use a primer with stronger covering power, because the glitter itself does not have strong covering power. If you use a translucent or transparent primer, you will still see the glitter after dispersing it There is a clear boundary between the part of the nail and the root, which is not good
  • According to the particle size of the glitter, it is fine to put a layer of bright oil on the more delicate glitter, but if it is a coarser glitter, then two to three layers of bright oil should be brushed on it, so that it can be bright , And it won’t feel uneven to the touch.
  1. How to use acrylic powder for nail art

The thing used for dipping acrylic powder is special crystal water, which will be sold in the place where this product is sold. It is best to try it when you buy it, because some acrylic powder is not transparent after drying, but white. I bought it once and returned it.

  1. How to apply glitter on nail polish

After applying the nail polish, sprinkle a little glitter on the nail polish before it dries quickly, and then wait for the inner nail to dry.

Apply nails correctly
Before applying nail polish, please make sure that your hands are cleaned, wiped dry, or greased. Before applying nail polish, put the bottom layer with nail polish, touch-up pen, and transparent nail polish on the side. First, apply a layer of nail polish on the bottom layer. In addition to making the nails more durable, it will also make other nail polishes smoother when applied, and at the same time, isolate the pigmentation of the nail polish.
Professionals often only apply a thin layer of nail polish with a brush, brush it from the middle of the nail to the fingertips, and then paint on both sides of the nail. Since the hiding power of nail polish is produced by pigment, you may have to apply a second coat of nail polish. A layer of transparent nail polish can last longer. Shiny and shiny.
Painting method

  • Before applying nail polish, apply a primer on the surface of the nail. Use a nail polish brush to brush a short section from your fingertips.
  • Start brushing a long line towards the tip of the finger in the middle of the nail.
  • The second cross line is parallel to the nail skin.
  • Apply long strips to the areas where the nails are not applied.
  • Apply a thin layer of nail polish. Then add the second layer to enhance the color. Be careful not to brush it on the skin, if it does, you can use a touch-up pen to remove it.

6 How to use acrylic powder for nail art?

  1. Acrylic powder can chemically polymerize with acrylic nail liquid to produce acrylic nail fat.
  2. Acrylic powder can be mixed with a proper proportion of crystal liquid, and then you can make acrylic nail builder according to your preference.
  3. Acrylic powder now has three colors, one is transparent, one is white, and the other is pink.
How to Use Nail Glitter Powder

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