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NRN Nail Glitter Powder: What is glitter powder?

What is glitter powder?| NRN Nail tips

“Glitter powder” is actually ground aluminum powder.

Glitter powder is made of high-precision and bright electroplating materials specially cut precisely. It is made of PET, PVC, OPP, and aluminum materials. The size of glitter powder can be produced from 0.004mm-3.0mm. Its shapes are quadrangular, hexagonal, rectangular and so on. The glitter powder colors are gold, silver, seven colors, colors, magic colors, pearl colors, lasers, etc. for selection. Each color system is equipped with a surface protective layer, with bright color, and has certain resistance and temperature resistance to mildly corrosive chemicals of climate and temperature.

What is glitter powder

Glitter powder is a material made of PET aluminized film, coated and colored by a high temperature source, and then deep-processed and cut. The colors include gold, silver, green, purple, royal blue, turquoise blue and other single colors, as well as magical colors, pearlescent colors, lasers and other colors with magical effects. It has certain resistance and temperature resistance to mildly corrosive chemicals of climate and temperature.


Q: Minimum order quantity for the first order?

A: 1kg per color per size is acceptable.

Q: How many colors will you offer?

A: More than 200 colors.

Q: Is PAYPAL acceptable for you?

A: Sure. Money Gram and Western Union are also available for us.

Q: How long will it take to my place by express?

A: Most places will be 4-5workdays The detailed information depends on your place.

Supplier: NRN COSMETICS Co., Ltd Tel: +8615822532116

Company profile: NRN COSMETICS Co., Ltd was established in 2008. It was an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant state departments in 2016 and was recognized as a general taxpayer by the national taxation. The main products are: square, hexagon, prismatic, long strip, heart-shaped, round, peach heart-shaped glitter powder, PET polyester film, PET release film, PET packaging film, PET electrical film
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