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NRN Nail Glitter Powder: With this little knowledge, you can make your favorite nails at home

make your favorite nails at home

Today I will share with you what tools you need to make nail art at home, and what to pay attention to when doing nail art. Many friends like to clean up their nails, but for various reasons, such as: the nail styles they like are too expensive, the price is acceptable, and the nail styles do not like them. Asking the manicurist to do nails is a waste of time and no fun. The nail polish in the nail salon does not have a favorite color. In fact, you can try to make nail art by yourself. At first, you will feel a little uncomfortable, especially when you put nail polish or nail polish on your right hand with your left hand. But practice makes perfect. After practicing slowly, you will find that you can do all kinds of styles as you like. , It’s not that difficult to paint nails on the right hand with the left hand, not only saves the cost of nail art, but also enjoys it!

make your favorite nail at home

1. With these commonly used gadgets, the road to nail art has been half successful

In the nail shop, I saw various tools on the nail table, and there were more than a dozen things. It was dazzling to see the manicurist using this one and the other one. Want to learn to do nail art by yourself, buying tools has become the number one problem, what is needed? Why not? In fact, you don’t need to be too complicated to do nail art at home, you can do it with a few essential tools!

1. First, prepare the grinding tools: nail clippers, small steel pushers, dead skin scissors, and file strips.

Nail clippers are mainly used to trim nails.

The small steel pusher is used to push up the softened dead skin around the nail.

Dead skin scissors are used to trim the dead skin around the nails. The file is used to repair the nail.

2. Cleaning tools: dust brush, cotton sheet, 95 degree and 75 degree alcohol.

The dust brush is used to clean the nail surface.

Dip the cotton sheet with alcohol to clean nails and sharpening tools.

95% alcohol cleans the float of the nail polish.

75 degrees alcohol to clean fingers and tools.

make your favorite nail at home

3. Nail polish supporting products: dead skin softener, balance fluid, primer, nail polish, and sealing layer.

Dead skin softener: Mainly used to soften finger skin to facilitate exfoliation.

Balance liquid: also known as desiccant, its function is to increase the adhesion of nail polish and phototherapy glue, prevent falling off, and smooth the nail surface.

Primer: To isolate and protect this armor.

Nail polish: just choose the color we like

Sealing layer: The sealing layer is divided into scrubbing sealing layer, no-washing sealing layer and frosting sealing layer. Generally use a non-washing sealing layer, which mainly protects the nail polish and makes the nail surface smoother?

4. Phototherapy lamp, dry nail polish

make your favorite nail at home

Second, the nail steps should be correct

Now that you have common nail art tools, let’s introduce the steps of nail art

1. Cut dead skin and manicure

2. Because you make your own nails, you can omit the step of carving and grinding the nail surface, just apply the balance liquid directly

3. Bottom glue light.

4. Apply nail polish glue, generally reach the saturation of the color, and light up the lamp every time you apply it.

5. Coating layering and lighting

make your favorite nail at home

3. The nail art is not perfect enough, look for problems from the nail art process

There is no professor of nail art teacher, and no guidance from famous nail art teachers. Various problems will definitely arise. Su Ka summarized a few common problems for those who like to do nail art by themselves. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Why do the painted nails always bubble up?

The nail surface is not cleaned up, or there are other impurities remaining, which makes it impossible to apply nail polish in some places

Different brands of primers and nail polishes will not be highly bonded, resulting in small holes or bubbles

2. Reasons for lifting and falling of nail polish

The tip of the nail is dropped: the hemming is not done

The nail polish is too thick: the glue is too thick, causing the inside to not dry and the adhesion is not enough.

The back end of the nail is curled: applied to dead skin or skin, it is easy to cause curling

make your favorite nail at home

Doing nail art by yourself is a happy thing. Of course, you need to practice repeatedly, and you will gradually find that doing nail art is not as difficult as you think. Friends who like to do nail art, if you have any questions, remember to leave a message to us, we will answer your questions one by one, if you can’t express clearly in one or two sentences, I will write an article for everyone, like Su Ka’s daily life Friends of nail art, please pay attention to me!

NRN Nail Glitter Powder: With this little knowledge, you can make your favorite nails at home 1

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