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NRN Nail joins hands with the four major IP lineups of Bud Bear, Ku Bear, Xiaotu Rabbit, and Soft Cute Rabbit at CLE China Licensing Exhibition

NRN Nail joined hands with Germination Bear, Kitter Bear, Xiaotu Rabbit, Soft Cute Rabbit and other IPs to appear at the CLE China Licensing Exhibition, creating a popular booth.

NRN Nail cooperates with a number of IPs, becoming a highlight of the CLE China licensing exhibition From October 16th to 18th, 2019, Asia’s largest and most influential professional licensing trade exhibition-CLE China Licensing Expo (China Licensing Expo) officially opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition has been successfully held for 12 consecutive sessions and is the top event in the licensing industry in Asia.

NRN Nail joins hands

At the exhibition site, NRN Nail joined hands with the popular IPs Budding Bear, Bitter Bear, Little Tutu + Soft Cute Rabbit (Qfriends), which became a highlight of the exhibition. As the authorized party of genuine IP cooperation, NRN Nail placed smart nail art machines in the three major IP exhibition halls and provided IP co-branded nail art printing services, attracting a large number of fans and customer experience, and the scene was full of popularity.

Bringing a trendy AI nail art experience for global IP lovers

NRN Nail comes from Danya Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the multinational Internet group Zebao. In addition to continuously iterating smart nail machine products and improving user experience, NRN Nail also launches popular nail art styles for users to print in real time. In order to win the love of the generation after 9000, NRN Nail also actively cooperated with popular IP to promote and launched the IP joint nail art to attract fans’ attention.

NRN Nail joins hands

At the exhibition site, NRN Nail and the hot IP brought a trendy nail art experience to IP enthusiasts around the world. Among them, the designer of the bitter bear, the artist Hideki Chengma, has a keen interest in NRN Nail and will jointly name the nail art. With the colorful painting in hand, many viewers were also attracted by this high-tech nail product, and gave high praise after the novel experience.

AI nail black technology enters all aspects of women’s life and becomes the new favorite of young people

With the powerful influence of IP, NRN Nail demonstrated its nail black technology that intelligently recognizes nail contours and prints color patterns to nails in seconds to audiences from all over the world. Visitors can select nail designs online, or upload DIY pictures, scan the code to synchronize the nail machine and paint on the nails with one click. The process only takes 40 seconds.

NRN Nail, as a smart nail art brand that has been gaining momentum in the past year, has set off a “smart nail art fever” online and offline in recent years. Online, NRN Nail Douyin has nearly 40,000 followers, and the video with the highest click rate reaches 200,000 likes. In terms of offline, before appearing at the CLE China authorized exhibition, NRN Nail has participated in the International CES Technology Exhibition, Guangzhou Beauty Expo, CIPE Shenzhen Authorized Exhibition and other large-scale exhibitions, and has cooperated with large shopping malls coco city, beauty store Innisfree, BMW mini , Major IP, etc. formed close cooperation, won a large number of orders and favored by partners, but also let smart nails continue to enter people’s sight, and gradually penetrate into all aspects of women’s lives.

NRN Nail joins hands

NRN Nail empowers IP services and unleashes unlimited commercial potential It is worth mentioning that the major IP booths have attracted many audiences to line up to experience due to the novel and unique services of NRN Nail, and their popularity has become the focus of the exhibition. In addition to providing peripherals, NRN Nail successfully empowered IP services, providing target customers with more imagination of IP application scenarios and room for negotiation and communication, achieving the effect of attracting traffic and gathering popularity.

NRN Nail joins hands

NRN Nail at the Qfriends booth

The small and mobile smart nail machine is suitable for all female consumption scenarios, whether it is beauty and makeup, fast-moving clothing, Internet celebrity restaurants, large shopping malls, automobile flagship stores and other formats, it can be used by NRN Nail printers and consumers Generate rich interactions, enhance services, attract popularity, and bring direct or indirect benefits. At present, NRN Nail has cooperated with many companies to carry out offline business activities. In the future, NRN Nail will continue to create more business value for various industries through rich and diverse IP authorization and cross-border cooperation.

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