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NRN Nail Supershine Top Coat: What is the difference between the top coat and the base coat?

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What is the difference between the top coat and the base coat?| NRN Nail

  1. Different roles
    Nail base coat is a transitional role. Mainly to protect the nails and isolate the erosion of nail polish gel. At the same time, it can also be used as an adhesive to enhance the adhesion of the nail polish gel on the nails, and at the same time, by evenly applying the base coat, it can lay a platform for the subsequent application of the nail polish gel.

The top coat nail art is to strengthen. The main purpose is to consolidate the patterns and styles of the nail art to make the nail art more durable. If you don’t have a top coat, the nails will be easily spent.

There are two types of top coat nails: top coat and no wipe top coat. The no wipe top coat is a top coat that does not need to be wiped. It dries out naturally after lighting, and the operation is relatively simple. To scrub the top coat, you need to scrub the floating gel after the lamp is illuminated. After the lamp is illuminated, it should be left for about 30 seconds, and then use a cotton pad to soak the detergent or 95% concentration of medical alcohol to wipe off the floating gel on the surface of the nail. To dry naturally.
No wipe top coat is a top coat that can be dried directly after exposure to UV light. No wipe top coat is mostly used for UV color gel with additives such as sequins and glitter of UV nails, and UV nails made with transparent gel. Also called hard UV.

  1. The order of use is different

Nail base coat is generally used after applying the desiccant, which has an excessive protective effect. The top coat is the last step of the nail art, which has a solidifying effect.

  1. Different ways of use

Nail base coat is used for UV nails and must be irradiated with professional UV lamps to dry. The top coat is used in all nail art processes.

Supershine Top Coat

Supplement: Nail care tips

  1. Protect nails: Every nail modifier will apply a layer of olive oil on the nail epidermis to protect dry skin, epidermis and nails. If you have no time to do a complete nail care, applying a coat of oil will make your nails more moisturized. The nail polish will also be particularly easy to even out.
  2. Nail polish remover: Nail polish with sequins is popular now, although it looks good, it is very difficult to remove. When encountering such a problem, the nail modifier will place a small piece of cotton soaked with nail remover on the nail and apply it quietly for a few minutes. When they are soaked in nail polish remover, it is much easier to remove the glitter nail polish.
  3. Polishing your nails: If you don’t have time to do a complete nail care, then polishing your nails in the car is the best choice. It takes a short time, and the sanding process will allow blood to flow to the surface, making the nails look beautiful pink. Even without nail polish, it is full of healthy luster.

The base coat is to prevent the nail gel from falling off, and the top coat is to maintain gloss and durability. Generally, top coat is required after base coat.

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