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NRN Nail Tips: Why is there a layering between nail polish and Top Coat?

Why is there a layering between nail polish and Top Coat? | NRN Nail Tips

The layering of nail polish refers to the separation between the gel layer of gel polish and the top coat on the surface, and air can be seen in the separated part.

nail polish and Top Coat

Common cause

  1. Do not use top coat products of the same brand as nail gel polish;
  2. The edging of the front edge of the nail is not in place, and each layer must be edged when applying gel, not only the top coat edging;
  3. After the nail polish is dry, you don’t need to scrub with cleaning fluid, just apply top coat directly. If you use a cleaning agent to scrub, it will cause the adhesive to weaken and cause delamination;
  4. If the nail polish or top coat is too thick, delamination will occur!
nail polish and Top Coat
nail polish and Top Coat
nail polish and Top Coat
nail polish and Top Coat

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