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NRN Nail Top Coat: Can ordinary nail polish be Nail Top Coat?

Can ordinary nail polish be Nail Top Coat? | NRN Nail Tips

Nail Top Coat is a very important step in the nail art process. Some people will use transparent nail polish as Nail Top Coat. In fact, traditional nail polish looks similar to Gel Polish, but there is still a big difference.

Of course not. Their physical and chemical properties are similar, but in fact they are far apart. Just like the gap between an amateur and a professional player, it is recommended to use professional things to do professional things, otherwise the effect will be poor in the end.

Nail Top Coat

Ordinary nail polish cannot be used together with Nail Top Coat Gel. Nail polish is naturally dried, because ordinary nail polish does not contain UV Gel. Putting it into phototherapy can damage the nails and cause wrinkles on the nail surface. There is UV Gel in Nail Top Coat Gel. The UV Gel is solidified by the action of light through the phototherapy machine. When applying Gel Polish, you need to use Base Coat and Top Coat. For nail polish, you don’t need to use it, just use primer and nail polish.

Manicure method: Before the official application of Nail Gel Polish, you need to apply Base Coat to your fingers. This will not only protect your nails, but also allow Nail Gel Polish to better adhere to your fingers. After applying Base Coat, you need to illuminate the lamp first, and then choose your favorite color of Nail Gel Polish and apply it on your finger. When applying Nail Gel Polish, start from two-thirds of the nail area to avoid spillage. After painting, you need two hands to light the lamp in turn. The darker colored Nail Gel Polish needs to be colored twice, and the lighter colored Nail Gel Polish needs to be colored three times. Illuminate the nail every time you apply it and let the nails dry. After applying Nail Gel Polish, you need to use Nail Top Coat Gel to seal your nails. Finally, you will be done with a nail polish. Nail Top Coat Gel can protect the nails and make the nails look smoother and more beautiful. At the same time, it can also prevent the nails from being damaged and polluted by the external environment and affecting the brightness of the nails.

Nail Top Coat

Nail Top Coat is an indispensable step. If there is no Nail Top Coat nail art will be spent in minutes. Nail Top Coat is to consolidate nail art patterns and styles and make nail art more durable. Nail Top Coat is the last step and must be done it is good.

Nail Top Coat

Without Top Coat, Base Coat can be used instead. Base Coat is the same as Top Coat. It is colorless and transparent. If there is no Top Coat, you can use Base Coat instead of Top Coat. Some Base Coats are dual-purpose. In addition to making Base Coat, you can also Can be used as Top Coat.

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