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NRN Nail Top Coat: How many nail top coats are there? Advantages and disadvantages of 4 top coats

How many nail top coats are there? Advantages and disadvantages of 4 top coats | NRN Nail Top Coat

The top coat of nail art is an essential step. If there is no top coat, the nail will be spent in minutes. The top coat is to consolidate the nail pattern and style and make the nail more durable. The top coat of the nail is the last step. It must be done well. The following editor will show you how many nail top coats are there?

4 types, the following are the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 top coats:

  1. Top coat is divided into tempered top coat and matter top coat. Choose according to the effect you need. The taste of tempered top coat and matter top coat is different. Hey, I like to smell the smell. Matter top coat is very smooth. After drying, it will have a leathery feel to the touch. The light-colored nail polish gel and matter top coat are less resistant to dirt, but it looks very textured! The disadvantage is that the dark gel oil gel and the matter top coat will magnify the flaws and make the nail surface look a bit uneven. The tempered top coat is coated with shiny, and it is more wear-resistant.
  2. According to the brightness, there can be top coat and no wipe top coat. Generally, no wipe top coat is used by default. The top coat will be marked separately. Anyway, in a word, compare the advantages and disadvantages and style choices.
NRN Nail Top Coat
  1. Lamp selection and time control: it usually takes a long time to illuminate the top coat-UV light for 3-5 minutes, LED light for 90 seconds, and crescent light for about 30-60 seconds. Whether it is an LED lamp or a UV lamp, the power of different brands is different. It is recommended that every manicure colleague should first try the lamp and product you use in their own hands, and how long can it be dried before applying it to the customer . In addition, pay attention to check whether the lamp tube is aging and replace it in time.
  2. Wipe the floating gel immediately after lighting the lamp: After scrubbing the top coat lamp, there is floating gel on the surface, which is sticky. Do not touch it immediately after irradiation, or wipe it immediately. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then use a special cleaning cotton. Wipe off the floating gel to avoid thermal expansion and contraction of the nail surface. It is best not to choose a piece of cotton that will fluff, so as not to damage the bright layer of the nail surface.
  3. Too thick top coat: Too thick top coat will cause the color to turn yellow and dull.
  4. The reason for the hand cream: the nail art just finished “temporarily not bright”? It’s because after finishing applying hand cream, too much oil in the hand cream will cause the nails to not shine, so just use alcohol to scrub it.
  5. The choice of top coat: do not need to be washed after drying without washing, the gloss will not be maintained for a long time; while scrubbing the top coat requires scrubbing, and the gloss will gradually become brighter. The no wipe top coat is used to make style samples and diamond-applied styles; if you are a guest, you usually choose to wipe the top coat.
  6. Others: Some customers touched the chemical after finishing the perfect armor, which affected the brightness of the top coat; if the matte topcoat is used, it will not shine.
NRN Nail Top Coat
  1. The lighting time is too short: the top coat usually requires a longer lighting time. Be careful not to coat too thickly. Make sure the lighting time is clear before use!
  2. The power of the phototherapy lamp is too small: some phototherapy lamps are not powerful enough, and the lamp needs a longer time!
  3. Lamp aging: UV lamps will age after being used for a long time. It is recommended to replace them every two months. However, the actual usage conditions of different shops are different, depending on the situation!
  4. Dry and scrub the top coat, and it still doesn’t shine after wiping: Do not touch it immediately after illuminating the lamp, nor use a cotton pad to wipe it repeatedly. Use high-concentration alcohol or detergent to scrub.
  5. Continue to add gloss oil: some novices are ignorant and need to apply gloss oil after the top coat. This is not good, and the polish should be washed off with nail polish remover immediately. After the top coat, gloss oil is not allowed!
  6. Top coat problem: Some top coats will have yellowing problems. You can try to change to brand products with good reputation!
    We must first distinguish the classification of top coat gel, one is to scrub the top coat, there will be floating gel on the surface after the lamp, and cleaning products need to be cleaned. One is no wipe top coat, there is no floating gel on the nail surface after the light is illuminated, so it is convenient and quick to wipe.
NRN Nail Top Coat
  1. Affected by floating gel: If you use scrub top coat, the feature of scrub top coat is that there is floating gel after the light. The gel quality is soft gel and has better toughness, but the light time is longer, if it is applied second There were potholes when scrubbing the top coat all the time. It may be because the top coat of the first scrubbing did not have enough light and too much gel on the nail surface, which affected the top coat of the second scrub. Although potholes in the top coat usually appear during the second application, but sometimes when the top coat is applied for the first time, potholes may appear. This may be due to the previous color gel lighting time. Insufficient, or it may be due to different formula ratios, different brands of products will have different floating gel amounts. If there are too many floating gels after the color gel is illuminated, it may cause uneven top coat application. In similar situations, in addition to paying attention to ensure sufficient lighting time, or you can try to use a cleaning product to scrub off excess floating gel and then apply top coat.
  2. The nail surface is too smooth: If you use no wipe top coat, the characteristic of no wipe top coat is that there is no floating gel after lighting. The gel quality is relatively hard gel, with higher brightness, more transparent gel body, and smoother nail surface, but It is not wear-resistant. Although we can make the nail surface shine longer in order to make the top coat have a certain thickness, so even if it is no wipe top coat, we recommend that you apply the top coat twice, each time with the light, Sometimes there will be uneven application and potholes when applying the second no wipe top coat, so be sure to pay more attention to the amount of gel and the speed of application when applying the second no wipe top coat.
  3. The amount of gel and the speed of brushing: whether it is top coat or no wipe top coat, different brands and types of top coat have different gel textures, some are relatively thinner, and some are relatively sticky. For some, we need to take out an appropriate amount of top coat for painting according to the actual situation. Usually we pursue the top coat to be slightly thicker, which can really protect the nail surface and make the nail surface shine lasting and translucent, but some If the amount of top coat applied by the manicurist is too small, it may cause uneven top coat application and pitting. In addition, the top coat application speed should be moderate and careful. Because of the surface tension of the liquid, sometimes the nail artist may apply it. When the top coat speed is too fast, air enters into the liquid, which affects the force of the surface tension of the liquid, and uneven application of the top coat and potholes will occur.

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