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NRN Nail Top Coat: Nail Matter Top Coat hurts when the light shines

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Nowadays, many girls like to do nail art, but they often encounter the lamp after applying gel, and the fingers or nail surface will always feel hot and painful. Why is this? Today we will learn about the time when the Matter Top Coat lamp is baked. The cause of the pain.

Nail Matter Top Coat
  1. If the nail hurts when the nail is baked, it may be caused by too much gel. Because the UV gel is cured and shaped when the lamp is baked, it will absorb a certain amount of heat. The more UV gel is applied, the more heat will be absorbed. , This will cause nail pain when baking the lamp, you can apply a thin coating several times when applying the gel, and repeat it 1-2 times after applying it once and drying it. This will result in a higher durability and flatness of the nail. There will be no nail pain.
Nail Matter Top Coat

2. If you do nail art regularly, the nails become too thin, so the heat absorbed by the UV gel will make the nails hurt. If the user has thin nails and wants to do nail art, the nail surface must be gently polished, and the base coat must be applied first A layer of Reinforced plastic or UV gel is used to thicken the nail surface so that the nail surface will not hurt when the lamp is heated.

3. If the individual’s skin is sensitive and reacts to the ultraviolet rays emitted by the baking lamp, nail pain will occur. You can use other lamps to bake the nail surface, which can solve the problem of nail pain when baking the lamp.

Nail Matter Top Coat

Also, if the gel is applied to the skin, or when the UV extension nail is applied, the paper holder is not stable, and the UV gel flows to the skin on the front of the finger. If this part of the gel is not removed, the light will be directly illuminated, which will also cause pain. sense.

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