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NRN Nail Top Coat: should I use builder gel first or top coat first When applying nails?

Use builder gel first when applying nails | NRN Nail Tips

Use builder gel

First builder gel then TopCoat. Manicure is a decorative and beautifying process for toenails or fingernails. The process of nail art is generally to soften first, and then use the balance liquid. Then apply builder gel, and after builder gel, apply the nail color and the drill, and finally do the top coat work. This process will vary from person to person, but the specific process is best followed in this order.

Use builder gel

For the nail art steps, you first need to wash off the original nail polish color with nail polish remover. Then trim the nails and polish and peel the nails. In this process, in order to polish better, it is best to soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes. This can also remove dead skin and make the effect look better. In the process of trimming the nails, it is best to make the nails oblong or curved, which is more beautiful.

Use builder gel

On the basis of this, it is necessary to polish the nails, that is, use a polishing pad to polish off the relatively dull color of the nail surface, so that the nails will show a particularly beautiful luster. After completing these preparations, you need to apply the Base Coat. It is best to shine under the light for a period of one or two minutes. The effect will be better.
Apply the color of your nail polish evenly on your nails. After doing this, it is best to light the lamp for about 60 seconds. Finally, Top Coat, but it is recommended to wash and scrub with gel water before layering, so that the effect of layering will be better and the color will be longer.

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