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NRN Nail Top Coat: What should I do if the nail top coat doesn’t shine?

Nail Top Coat is a very important step in the nail art process | NRN Nail Tips

Nail Top Coat is a very important step in the nail procedure.

Nail Top Coat

The Nail Top Coat of the nail art is not bright, you can wipe it with alcohol cotton or re-apply the top layer. Nail Top Coat is not bright because of long-term oxidation or friction. After Nail Top Coat is not bright, the overall nail color will be darker. Wiping with alcohol cotton can make the color brighter. You can also reapply the Nail Top layer. Coat.

Nail Top Coat

The Top Coat of the nail art becomes very firm after being irradiated by the ultraviolet lamp, but after a long time of oxidation or rubbing of clothes, and frequent soaking in water, the surface of the nail art will not be so bright, and sometimes it may even appear scratched or gray. phenomenon. In this case, you can wipe the nail clean with a cotton pad. If necessary, you can use an alcohol cotton to wipe it. The concentration of the alcohol cotton can be higher, which can wipe off the scratches and dirt on the surface of the nail.

Therefore, the Top Coat step is very important after the perfect nail is done. In the Top Coat step, you can first remove the dead skin around your nails, and then dust the nails to ensure that the nails are in a clean state. Then you can apply the nails. The surface is coated with bright oil. After the polish is applied, the nails will become brighter, and the color of Gel Polish will become highly saturated. At this time, you can use the nail lamp to roast the Top Coat to make the Top Coat more It dries firmer and faster.

Nail Top Coat

After the Top Coat is applied, wait for two to three minutes for the nail lamp to burn the nail, which can make the nail very dry, which effectively shortens the drying time of the nail, and the Top Coat of the nail can also protect the nail from the dye. Infringement, so this step of Top Coat is necessary.

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