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NRN Nail Tutorial: How many times can I do nail art once a year? Will the hands be black when doing nail art frequently?

Will the hands be black when doing nail art frequently?|NRN Nail Tutorial

Making nails can make your hands with delicate nails and make your nails look more beautiful, but the hands that often do nail art will really turn black, because when doing nail art, you need to use UV light for a long time, and UV light will shine your hands black .

It is fine to do nail art more than three times a year. If you do it too many times, it will cause some damage to your nails. Therefore, it is recommended that you should do the nail art in an appropriate amount so that there is nothing to your nails. hurt.
The nail lamp will tan your hands.

NRN Nail Tutorial

Frequent nail art hands will not be black, because the materials used for nail art are all natural, and there is no harm to the skin, and the effect is particularly good, making the nails look more beautiful. So everyone can do nail art without worry. Nowadays, the commonly used nail art material is gel polish. To make gel polish dry quickly, nail salons are generally equipped with UV lamps, that is, nail lamps, which are actually ultraviolet lamps. The light-effect coagulant in gel polish cures quickly under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, but when the ultraviolet rays are directly irradiated on the skin for a long time, the skin of the hands will become dark, just like the skin of a person in the summer will become Black. In order to avoid this situation, I suggest that you put some sunscreen on your hands first when doing nails. Pay attention to this detail so that your fingers will not be “tanned.”

NRN Nail Tutorial
  1. Don’t use nail art too frequently

Nail art is best done half a year or once a year. When applying and removing the nail polish glue, you need to polish your nails to remove a layer. Although nails have a certain self-repairing ability, they are very slow and can not be polished repeatedly within a short period of time, otherwise they will become thinner, brittle, cracked, and layered. Frequent nail art will easily damage the nail surface.

  1. Don’t file your nails for too long

Probably tell the manicurist the time to do the manicure by himself, and let the manicurist know how to file his nails.

  1. Try to keep less water and detergent after the manicure

If it is exposed to water or detergent, it will easily cause the nail to fall off, so it is best to wear rubber gloves or thin leather gloves if necessary.

  1. Don’t tear your nails and wait for them to fall naturally

If the tearing process goes well, it will only tear off the thin skin on the nail surface. If it is not smooth, it will cause a direct fracture and a fault.

  1. Pay attention to check the pros and cons of nail products

Many nail shops and stalls have nail products like nail polish. Liquid powder is not qualified. Long-term use of lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal nail polishes on thin nails will cause these harmful substances to pass through the nails. The absorption by the human body not only causes chronic poisoning, but may also cause female endocrine disorders and increase the incidence of breast disease. So choose a regular nail shop and pay attention to distinguishing the pros and cons of the products.

  1. Ask to observe whether the nail appliances are disinfected

The girl who goes to the nail shop should ask the manicurist whether the equipment is disinfected, otherwise it is easy to be infected with tinea, onychomycosis, paronychia and other diseases.

NRN Nail Tutorial

There is no harm to the body when making nails, because the materials for making nails are all natural, and they are also made by extracting the essence of plants, so there will be no damage to the nails when applied to the hands. Any harm. Therefore, nail art is not harmful to the body.

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