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NRN Nail UV Gel: What types of nails are suitable for marriage

NRN Nail UV Gel Amazing nail recommendations

Everyone has a love for beauty, and marriage is a major event in life. Therefore, the bride who is the main protagonist of the wedding must be particularly concerned about her external image on the wedding day. Any woman of you wants to be the most perfect. The most stunning bride. Every detail is very important to the overall image of the image, so choosing a suitable nail art cannot be ignored. So what types of nails are suitable for marriage? Let’s take a look at the amazing bridal nails recommended by the editor.

NRN Nail UV Gel

1. Painted nail art If you want to subdivide the painted nail art, it includes three types: nail pen painting, sketching and nail spray painting. The common feature between them is the free depiction of patterns on the nails, which can be flowers, characters or landscapes. Newcomers can Choose according to your preferences. Nail pen drawing is to draw illustrations on the nail surface with special paint; sketching is to draw simple patterns with nail polish and nail art pen; inkjet drawing is to use inkjet printer and special paint to spray various gradients on the nail surface The effect of color,

2. UV nail art It uses ultraviolet rays to polymerize natural resin on the surface of real nails. This will not only not damage the real nails, but can increase the strength of the nails, and the nail polish will not easily fall off because of the resin base, which is convenient for care.

NRN Nail UV Gel

3. Relief nail art

Embossed nail art is a three-dimensional pattern carved out of carved powder. This type of nail art is very artistic and suitable for important banquet occasions such as weddings. But because the carved armor is more prominent, it is not suitable for weekday attire.

Second, amazing nail recommendations:

4. Acrylic nail art

Acrylic nail art is to use Acrylic powder and Acrylic nail liquid to create a beautiful nail shape. This kind of plasticity is very strong and can extend the nail. Crystal nail art can generally last for about two weeks. Its main feature is that it is very strong and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to break.

NRN Nail UV Gel

5. Gel Polish nail art

Gel Polish nail polish is a kind of Gel Polish similar to nail polish, but it is not as good as UV, and the hardness is not high enough. Compared with other forms of nail art, it can last for a shorter time.

6. Nail stickers

Nail stickers is to use a special gel for nails to stick the full or half nails on the surface of real nails. Many women who are unwilling to paint on real nails because they are afraid of harming real nails will choose which one The nail art has a variety of styles, and it is very popular because the patch nail art is less harmful to the real nail, but it can last for a short time and has poor air permeability.

NRN Nail UV Gel

Regarding the types of nail art suitable for marriage and the introduction of amazing nail art recommendations, I hope that the content of this article can help you answer your questions about the types of nail art suitable for marriage, and you can find your favorite nail style for yourself Create a perfect bridal outfit and be the happiest and most beautiful bride.

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