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Pink nails, a magical color that can bring happiness

What I recommend to you today is also a wave of nail art in pink series.
Tips: pink with low saturation will be less black, but friends who are still more worried can choose pink jump color. If you want to do it with all hands, it is ok to make pink blooming!

纯色粉色渐变美甲画法 渐变美甲教程3

The following pink manicure models, hurry to the nail shop to get the same!

Pink Feet

Pink nail art can not only express the style of a sweet girl, but also allow you to have an elegant and intellectual style, a subtle and seductive atmosphere, and contract your gentleness and elegance throughout the year.

纯色粉色渐变美甲画法 渐变美甲教程1

First look at the effect of this manicure with Xiaobian, very suitable for New Year’s painting of this nail, the color is very festive.

纯色粉色渐变美甲画法 渐变美甲教程3

Step 1: Apply a layer of nail polish to the nail brush after basic trimming.

纯色粉色渐变美甲画法 渐变美甲教程2

Step 2: Take out a sponge of appropriate size, brush rose and pink nail polish on the corner of the sponge in a layered manner, and gently tap the sponge on the nail surface of the thumb to make a gradual feeling. If the color is not full, you can take more photos to dry.