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Professional gel polish brand rankings make your nails full and clear

Gel polish is very similar to nail polish, both are used to modify nails, but its advantages are that it is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly, it will not harm the nails, and it will look more shiny on the nails. Today I will come up with a list of professional gel polish brands for everyone, for your reference.

1, Anna Sui

2, Dior

3, Essie

4, Ciate

5, innisfree


Details: Anna Sui is a well-known make-up brand. Their stuff is especially popular with young girls. It can be said that it is packed with a girl’s heart and has a very high-quality texture in her hand. The gel polish series is also a face-breaking watch. Each color is very compact, and the charming floral fragrance is unforgettable.

Detailed introduction: As a well-known luxury brand, Dior’s beauty products are definitely more familiar. The gel polish series is also made with natural ingredients, using pearlescent powder to balance, making it look more shiny and reflective on the fingers, giving the whole a translucent and even feeling.

Detailed introduction: Essie is a brand of Maybelline, which specializes in designing nail products. Its gel polish series is also well received in foreign and domestic markets. Among them, the favorite feature of everyone is that the color design is very clean, and it will look very soft and colorful on the nails, and it is feminine.

Detailed introduction: Ciate is a well-known British nail brand. Its nail polish has a very high popularity in European and American countries and is deeply loved by many big-name stars and beauty bloggers. The most attractive aspect of Ciate’s gel polish is the packaging design. It looks like a bottle of high-end perfume, which has a special texture, and the gloss, durability and saturation of nail polish are also very good.

Details: innisfree is a makeup brand from South Korea. Its nail series products also have quality assurance, strong design sense, and the colors are very natural and fresh, with a girly feeling. There is also a big advantage of the gel polish of Innisfree, which is that it has a very natural taste and high durability, and it is not easy to fade.

Detailed introduction: The O.P.I brand is very popular in the global beauty market. It can be said that it is a must-have nail product for women. Its gel polish series introduces a variety of colors in different themes every year, and the choice is wide. The formula of the product also uses natural serine and pearl powder as raw materials, so the saturation and glossiness of the nails are particularly high, so it is often seen in nail shops.