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So beautiful !!Nail art Diamonds that Girl can’t refuse

Hello, everyone! Today ’s winter jewelry sticker grass collection is divided into 4 parts:

Diamonds, glitters, transfer papers, stickers

All are carefully selected! Close your eyes and enter the series! So don’t forget to give me a “like” after watching it!

In autumn and winter, in addition to the deep nail color, the most indispensable element is blingbling! Especially for the preparation of the New Year, can anyone call it New Year without blindness? !! I have selected 3 types of diamond jewelry for you to start with! Be sure to listen to me and buy it!

SINA Fashion Blogger Explosion Micro Diamond

The trendy style of fashion bloggers in 2019, although micro-diamonds look very small,

But once it is spread on one finger whole nail, the effect will be excellent!

Don’t lose big diamonds at all!

A box of about 1440 pieces ~ full of small diamonds, super cost-effective.

And there are 8 colors to choose from, black and blue are the most popular!

Peach news net red metal jewelry

White shell flower cluster pendant, chain item metal is a hot accessory in Japanese nails this year. As long as it is more pure color nails, it will instantly change and feel luxurious and up! Except that the price is a little more expensive, there is no disadvantage! One with eyes closed ~

In addition to the Baibei flower cluster pendant, there is also this net red wind black silk with love diamond is also hot! The soft sister paper who likes the retro Lolita style will definitely love it! I believe the vision of Aimi is still the old saying: closing your eyes and entering the right will not be wrong!

2.Flash powder

No one will not love the beauty of glitter ~ Just like the highlights in cosmetics, glitter is the good thing that can make your nails shine!

Only recommend good and cheap! Next, please continue to watch ~ I believe my recommendation will not let you down!
Needless to say too much, how can the starry woolen powder of the whole network be so popular recently? Little sisters who follow the trend will definitely like the blingbling texture of woolen powder! 6 models, different colors for different effects

The Spring Festival of 2020 is at the end of January! I heard that many little sisters have made an appointment to do nail art years ago! I have to say that red nail art is the most suitable for Chinese New Year!

Method: Spread the Flash powder on the nails after applying the reinforcing glue.

Method: Glitter glitter sequins are evenly sprinkled on the nails. After the light is illuminated, add a phototherapy glue light to complete it.

Goya new colorful laser powder magic mirror powder

Transfer paper

In fact, there are not many products in this category, but I still want to sing them out myself ~ because I really like them!

Namie Pure Color Imported Transfer Paper

Several colors will not basically step on the thunder, champagne gold and rose gold must have names! Nail style has its blessing, and immediately changed from “ground spread” to “luxury jewelry”!

Japanese shell blooming texture transfer paper


Tens of millions of stickers, no need to bother you to pick flowers,

The following is a brief introduction to the 11 stickers,

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