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The savior finally appeared! “Dip Powder” soaks nails to color

Dipping Powder save your nails

Dip Powder

Is anyone like the editor? No matter how good the brush head is, the nail polish texture is good and the color is good, it still looks horrible, even if the color is uneven, it is stained everywhere, and the tragic situation is almost like a war.
Every time I hear people recommend which nail polishes are easy to use and which ones are “saviours of hand-wound women”, but people with “severe” hands like editors can no longer be solved by ordinary products. Is there anything really super Simple finger coloring method, come and save the girl? (I want to be beautiful too!)

The savior finally appeared! "Dip Powder" soaks nails to color 1

This time I finally waited. Recently, many European and American bloggers on the Internet use a kind of “Dip Powder” to color their nails (as the name suggests, that is to dip the nails in the powder), this new type The color powder has replaced the liquid texture that needed to be wiped off in the past. The usage is very simple and no skill is required!

Dip Powder
Dip Powder Nails
Dip Powder

That’s it, first apply a layer of Base to the nails, and then directly put the fingers in the powder and dip it. Repeat this step twice, and finally apply Top Coat and you are done!

Dip Powder

There is no need for additional lighting, the effect is comparable to that of phototherapy, and the color is uniform, and it is said that the color retention effect is also satisfactory. When you want to change the color, you can remove it with ordinary de-lighting water!

If you feel that it is very greasy to use a single color every time and want to add a little change, you can also choose two colors for gradation, or add some sequin textures, and you can do it easily.

Dip Powder
Dip Powder
Dip Powder

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