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The trends polishing up the China nail care market

The trends polishing up the China nail care market 1
Young woman enjoying nail manicure in spa

After years of stellar growth, sales in the china nail color and care category have boomed, driven by several factors including: increased participation of among young women, increased reliance on the salon and the trend-driven nature of the category. Reflective of their increased engagement in the category, women aged 18-24 are spending more time shopping for nail products and experimenting with new trends when compared to just one year ago, while also reporting to be doing their nails more frequently in comparison to older female consumers.

The trends polishing up the China nail care market 2

Increased interest among young women, engagement in the category high among women aged 25-34, who are interested in benefits, including long-wearing products and natural claims. As Nail Color and Care China 2015 report shows, while interest in trend-driven concepts such as special effect polishes (i.e. unique finishes such as sequins, glitter, magnetic and metallic) and nail art appears to be interest, women report high interest in natural and gentle nail care concepts, as well as products that emphasize ease of use and convenience.

Nail treatments provided a bright spot in the nail category in the past year in the china, growing sales by 12% from 2019-2020. Nail repair and the return of more neutral and bare nails have helped drive usage of treatment products, including base and top coats. data shows 30% of women who do their own nails report using nail treatments.

The trends polishing up the China nail care market 3

30% of women who do their own nails report using nail treatments

The economic growth resulted in a boom for the at-home nail industry, as women spending increases spending and opted for the affordable indulgence. However, an improving economy appears to be sending women back to the salon. While reliance on the salon has trended upward across all nail services, results are mixed for the at-home market. Women are less likely to be doing single color manicures themselves (46% v 54%), but are more inclined to be doing pedicures (37% v 31%) and specialized manicures such as gel (10% v 7%) and statement nails (18% v 15%) when compared to a year ago. Changes in at-home behavior are reflective of overall waning participation in the category, as well as growing comfort experimenting with more recent trends.

The trends polishing up the China nail care market 4

One of the biggest innovations in recent years is the introduction of gel polish, which continues to see increased incidence in both the salon and at-home markets since its introduction. In particular, gel polish that doesn’t require the use of an LED light has had a positive impact on the at-home gel market. Over 10% of women who do their own nails report using gel polish without an LED light compared to just 7% of those who use gel polish that requires an LED light.

A prominent theme among more niche nail brands in the past year has been natural and reduced-chemical nail polishes. Natural/low-chemical nail polishes generate the highest level of interest among nail product users, with 67% of respondents reporting interest. Similarly, 56% of nail product users report interest in gentle nail care products. Concern about nail damage from frequent polishing as well as a broader consumer concern about product ingredients is fueling interest in natural and gentle products.

Interest in natural nail care also extends to the salon market, as eco-friendly nail salons are becoming more prevalent. While still a relatively niche concept, concerns about skin and nail health and the chemicals used in nail products have led more salons to offer eco-friendly products and organic nail treatments.

The trends polishing up the China nail care market 5

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