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What are the commonly used gel polish brands in nail shops? Is it difficult to learn nail art without any basics?

Talk about well-known brands on the market, for your reference

International first-line big names: CND, OPI, Presto, Artist, ORLY, etc., prices range from dozens to 15 US dollars;

Large domestic and foreign brands: Harmony, IBD, Memory, etc., prices range from about 8.5-11.5 USD;

Domestically produced expensive brands: Kang Chun, Mi Geen, Rennie T Taiwan, Kordan, Rennie Van Gogh, KAGA, etc., prices range from 5.5-9.5 USD;

Mid-Range Brands: Renee, Tianmei, Yifuyue, Blue Zone, BO, Shifani, etc. The price is $ 2.8-5.8

There are also many new cost-effective new brands: Nai Yu, Green Card, etc., the price is 1.5-3.5 US dollars a bottle

No matter what brand you choose, it is recommended that Base Coat, Colors Gel, and Top Coat be used together to achieve the best results.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to ensure that the color is sufficient twice, Top Coat is bright, does not fall off in 4 weeks, does not shrink, does not wrinkle, and leaves no residue when unloaded

There are two ways to learn nail art. One is to choose a professional nail school, and the other is to choose a nail shop. If you study nail art in a nail shop, it usually takes three months to six months, and it takes a long time. It is not necessary to learn all the knowledge. Generally, in the nail shop, it is a mixed state, and the nail shop is mainly based on interests. Those manicurists are busy serving customers and don’t have much time to teach you.

Choosing a professional nail school is not the same. It takes three to four months to complete the study of nail art in a nail school. The professional strength of the nail school, the teaching quality, the teaching mode, the teacher’s responsibility to the students, and the work Employment arrangements and more.

In fact, the purpose of learning is to learn a skill, to be able to go outside after graduation. If you ca n’t spend money to learn something, even if you go to study for free, it will be a waste of time. Choosing a good nail training school, you can learn in a professional nail school for a short time, and you can learn all the nail knowledge systematically. Teachers in nail schools will never retain nail knowledge, and they will definitely teach you seriously.

  1. Wash your hands: Before manicure, it is best to use warm water to make bubbles, and then wash away the dust and dirt on your nails ~ You can also soften the edges of the nails.
  2. Trimming: Beautiful nail shapes need to be trimmed. Generally speaking, choose a nail clipper that suits your nails. It can be cut about 2 times.
  3. Sanding: Sand the edges of the nails gently with a sand file. It is recommended to use a thin file with sand to protect the nails.
  4. Polishing: The nail surface of many MMs is very uneven. It is recommended to polish, but it is not recommended to use MM to sand the nail surface, because if you do this often, the nails will become very thin and brittle. Adverse.

Softening: Especially obvious in autumn and winter. As we all know, the epidermis at the edges of nails is often very hard and dry, and often peels. At this time, the skin softener can be used to solve it.

5. Nutrition: Apply a layer of surface nutrients on the edges of the nails and gently massage until absorbed, which has a strong protective effect on the nails.

6. Base Coat: If you do not use Base Coat for a long time, after washing the nail polish, your nails will turn yellow. This is caused by the use of Base Coat.

7.Coloring: Choose your favorite nail polish color and apply it on your nails

8. Top Coat: This is the last step of nail art. Applying Top Coat on the painted nails will not only make the nails particularly bright, but also protect the nail polish from fading!

Some nail shops use better brands, such as OPI, etc. The color and durability of opi are incomparable with other nail polishes.

Of course, the method of applying nail polish is also a key factor. It must be fast, thin and accurate. The first layer of color oil is very thin, it does not matter, the second layer is slightly thicker, it is best to apply another layer of Top Coat, SV fast-drying bright oil is very good.

Base Coat must be rubbed, it can increase the adhesion between Gel polish and nails, so that Gel polish stays a little longer. It also protects your nails.