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What are the commonly used nail art tools?

NRN Nail :What are the commonly used nail art tools?

Nail art is a job of decorating and beautifying nails. Nail art is a process of disinfection, cleaning, care, maintenance, modification and beautification of the nails according to the customer’s hand shape, nail shape, skin quality, clothing color and requirements.

Common nail art tools are:

Nail clippers, nail files, dead skin pushers, hand soaking bowls, polishing files, various grinding heads, brushes, writing brushes, phototherapy lamps, hand creams.

What are the commonly used nail art tools?

There are Gel Polish, Base Coat, Top Coat, UV light, alcohol, cotton pads, nail file, peeling cream, peeling scissors. That’s basically it

Acrylic pliers: only used when making Acrylic nails, and can not be replaced with finger pliers, otherwise it will easily cause Acrylic nails to break. Nail clippers: mainly used to trim all types of nails, including Acrylic nails and natural nails. Finger pliers: used to cut off excess nail skin. Plastic or bristle brush: Used to clean nails and Acrylic nails during hand care. Nail file: used to trim the front edge of natural nails. Sand stick: for pushing finger skin. Scissors: used to cut fiber products such as nylon, silk and glass fiber armor. Small tweezers: used to hold nail pieces, diamonds, or nail skin for trimming. Primer: transparent or milky white, use it before applying nail polish to enhance the adhesion of nail polish. Nail polish: It contains dark pigment, choose according to your needs. Softening cream: usually contains glycerin base, can remove the aging stratum corneum, keep the skin moisturized, used for massage and dry hand care. Bleaching agent: contains hydrogen peroxide or citric acid, used to remove stains on Acrylic nails.

What are the commonly used nail art tools?

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