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What brand of Gel polish is used by nail shops

Generally nail shops will recommend 2 or 3 brands of Gel polish. You can first choose two brands of Gel polish, one with a high price and one with a low price.
High price
You can refer to the well-established and well-recognized brand image of the brand, quality and after-sales service are definitely one of the important considerations, you can consider Singapore BMD brand, the United States IBD, etc.
Low price
The price is about 20 to 30, and the glue with stable quality is OK. For newly opened stores, another issue that needs to be taken into consideration is to avoid using brands similar to the surrounding nail stores to form their own advantages, which will be more conducive to the development of nail stores.

Talk about well-known brands on the market, for your reference

What brand of Gel polish is used by nail shops 1

International front-line big names: CND, OPI, Presto, Artist, ORLY, etc .;

What brand of Gel polish is used by nail shops 2

Large domestic and foreign brands: Harmony, IBD, Memory, etc .;
Domestically produced expensive brands: Kang Chun, Mi Geen, Rennie T Taiwan, Codan, Rennie Van Gogh, KAGA, etc.
Mid-range brands: Renee, Tianmei, Yifuyue, Blue Zone, BO, Shifani, etc.
There are also many new brands with high cost performance: Nai language, green card, etc.

No matter what brand you choose, it is recommended to use it with Base Coat, colors Gel, Top Coat, which will work best.
Generally speaking, it is necessary to ensure that the colors gel is sufficient twice, Top Coat is bright, does not fall in 4 weeks, does not shrink, does not wrinkle, and leaves no residue when unloaded

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