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What do you need to do your own acrylic nails at home?

Manicure steps

What do you need to do your own acrylic nails at home? 1
What do you need to do your own acrylic nails at home? 2
  1. Nail scissors
    (1) Classification: nail clippers are divided into sizes, followed by the shape of the front end, there are two kinds of flat head and bevel.
    (2) How to use: After washing your hands, use a flat-headed nail clipper to cut out the required length. For example, if the nail grooves on both sides of the nail are too deep and grow in the direction of the nail groove, use a sloped nail to cut off the nails on both sides.
    (3) Note: When cutting nails, no matter whether you use flat-headed nail scissors or beveled nail scissors, they should not be cut too deep. If you often cut the nails deeper, the nail bed will become shorter and shorter. Will affect the beauty of nails, especially women. When trimming a square nail, do not cut off the two corners of the front of the nail.
  1. Nail files
    (1) Classification: The manicure file is divided into steel file and color file, also known as flower file.
    (2) How to use: Use a steel file or a flower file for nails that have been cut to length and then grind them in the order of the sides and the front end, and then grind them into the desired shape.
    (Usually there are 6 shapes of nails: A, square B, square round C, oval D, pointed E, round F, and trumpet. Manicurists can advise customers to choose their own shape according to their hand shape.)
    (3) Precautions: When using steel files and flower files to sharpen the shape of the nails, you must pay attention to the fineness of the sides of the nails, and the shape of the front end must be rounded.
  1. Soaking bowl
    (1) Classification: There are both imported and domestic bubble bowls, professional bubble bowls should be exactly the shape of a hand, and placing your hand on it just coincides with the shape of the bowl.
    (2) How to use: Pour hand soap or warm water into the hand bowl, soak the left hand first, and then change the right hand after five minutes. This can both clean the nails and loosen the finger skin.
    (3) Note: Do not put cold water or too hot water in the bowl.
  1. Finger softener
    Finger softener is a milky white liquid that can accelerate the degree of softening.
    (1) How to use: Dry the soaked hands with a towel and apply the softener evenly on the nail surface.
    (2) Note: Do not apply softener to the nail cover to prevent the nail cover from being softened.
  1. Push the stick
    (1) Classification: Push sticks are divided into wooden push sticks, steel push sticks and push sand sticks.
    (2) How to use: Most of them are steel push rods used in professional beauty shops. Use the side of the oval flat head to push the aging finger skin on the finger toward the palm of the hand to make the nail cover appear slender. Use another spatula to scrape off the keratin remaining on the nails.
    (3) Precautions: The application force is moderate when pushing the finger skin, and the force should not be too strong to avoid damage to the methyl group, otherwise it will affect the growth of the nail.
  1. Finger pliers
    (1) Classification: finger pliers are generally made of stainless steel materials, and have the shape of scissors (curved finger skin scissors) and pliers.
    (2) How to use: Use finger pliers to cut off the dead skin and thorns just after pushing, so that the fingers look beautiful and neat.
    (3) Precautions: When using finger pliers, be careful not to pull and cut directly, so as not to damage the finger skin, and do not cut too deep,
  1. Nail Massage Oil
    (1) Classification: Nail massage oil is also called nutrition oil or nail edge oil, which can be divided according to ingredients: those containing almonds, vitamin A and vitamin E.
    (2) How to use: Apply a small amount of massage oil around the trimmed double finger skin and massage with your fingers. It can moisturize the finger skin, prevent the growth of thorns around the nail, make the skin soft, and protect the nail health and shine.
    (3) Precautions: Nutritional oil should be used every day, the dosage should not be too much, otherwise it will appear too greasy.
  1. Polishing file
    (1) Classification: There are two types of polishing strips on three sides and polishing blocks on four sides.
    (2) How to use: Generally, it is polished in order of black, white, and gray. The black surface can throw away the cuticle of the nail surface, the white surface can throw the nail surface finer, and the gray surface can throw the surface brighter After the three procedures, the nails will appear shiny.
    (3) Note: If the customer’s nail cover is thin, the thickest side of the four-sided polishing block cannot be used, otherwise the nail will be thinner and thinner. Never rub back and forth while polishing, as the heat generated by the friction can be uncomfortable.
  1. base coat
    (1) Classification: base coat has calcium base coat and protein base coat, moisturizing base coat and so on.
    (2) How to use: Apply primer after nail polish. Choose the base oil according to the texture of the customer’s nails. If the customer’s nails are soft, you can use calcium oil. If you need to apply nail polish, apply a base coat before applying nail polish to prevent the nails from turning yellow and play a nutritional role.
    (3) Note: Base coat must be applied before applying nail polish in professional nail art.
  1. Nail Polish
    (1) Classification: nail polish is divided into ordinary type and quick-drying type.
    (2) Application method: A. Application method of dark nail polish: the amount of dark nail polish applied at one time should not be too much, otherwise it will be thick and uneven. Apply 2-3 times, thinner each time, the effect will be better. B. Application method of light-colored nail polish: Improper use of light-colored nail polish series such as pink can easily reveal uneven application marks. Special attention should be paid to the amount of dipping and the inclination of the nail polish when coating. It is very important to apply the second layer as soon as the layer is dry. C. Pearlescent nail polish application method: Pearlescent nail polish is easy to dry. Dip a little more nail polish on the brush and apply it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will appear uneven, so the brush should be used upright. To avoid the marks left, apply on both sides first, then apply in the middle.
    (3) Precautions: Do not apply to finger skin and nail grooves when applying nail polish. It will be messy at first, and it will affect the breathing of nails.
  2. Top coat
    (1) Type: Top coat is divided into ordinary Top coat and UVTop coat.
    (2) How to use: Top coat is applied on the dried nail polish to protect the shine of the nail polish and prolong the shedding time. After making crystal nails, use anti-yellow, anti-UV bright oil.
    (3) Note: Top coat should not be applied too thick.

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What do you need to do your own acrylic nails at home? 3

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