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What is Acrylic Nail and how to make Acrylic Nail?

how to make Acrylic Nail At Home | NRN Nail Tutorial

Want to know what Acrylic Nail is? Let’s take a look with the editor! Many women like to make Acrylic Nail. Acrylic Nail uses a variety of Acrylic Nail powder and Acrylic Nail liquid to extend and beautify nails through special manipulations. Changing the length of the fingers visually makes the fingers look very slender, which can make up for the regret that the hand is not beautiful.

how to make Acrylic Nail

1. If you have trimmed your fingers, please use a file to roughen the nail surface. Because it is transparent nails, if you polish your nails shorter in advance, they will look more beautiful.

2. Use desiccant to disinfect your nails. Be careful not to apply to the skin. In order to prevent mold, be sure to apply it.

3. Attach the nail pad to the joint of the edge of the nail, and it must fit exactly.

4. Pour Acrylic Nail into the Acrylic cup and soak the pen. Remove the bubbles in the pen, if there are bubbles, it will not stick easily.

5. Dip the Acrylic pen soaked with Acrylic Nail liquid in the Acrylic Nail powder to take the powder, and it will melt into a powder ball immediately.

6. Drop the powder ball on the fingertips and press the belly of the Acrylic pen into the shape of the nail.

7. Then make the middle part, and use more powder balls to coat thicker.

8. Spread Acrylic Nail powder on the bottom of the nail for the third time. If the edges are smooth, protruding clots will not easily appear.

9. When the Acrylic Nail powder has begun to dry, gently remove the nail pad. Note: If it is not dry or soft, the shape will be easily damaged.

10. Pinch Acrylic Nail from both sides before it hardens. From the front, it looks like a beautiful C-shaped arc.

11. After it is completely solidified, use a file to trim the nails to the length you decide.

12. For the edges, be sure to polish to see the gap between your nails and artificial nails.

13. Look at the nail surface from different angles and make a symmetrical shape.

14. If you try to cut and polish the uneven areas at the beginning, it does not matter.

15. Use a South Korean white sanding block to smooth all nails. Every corner must be polished. At this point, a transparent effect will begin to appear.

16. Apply the nutrient oil on the finger edge and massage until the skin and nails are fully absorbed to protect it

17. Use the two-color surface of the three-color polishing strip to polish first, and then use the single-color surface to polish until the nails are completely transparent and shiny!

18. In order to prevent yellowing, be sure to apply a good quality quick-drying super smooth transparent gloss oil.

how to make Acrylic Nail

Acrylic Nail hurts your hands. Just as everything has two sides, Acrylic Nail also brings harm to nails while decorating nails. The damage of Acrylic Nail can be reflected in three aspects.   

First of all, Acrylic Nail powder and other chemical liquids are used to make Acrylic Nail. The coating of these chemical components on the surface of the nail is somewhat harmful. Secondly, if Acrylic Nail stays on the nail surface for a long time, it will affect the normal breathing of the nail, causing the nail to degenerate and become thin and soft. Again, the removal of Acrylic Nail is also very troublesome, and it needs to be polished with a polishing tool. This step is actually the most harmful to your fingers!   

Therefore, girls can make Acrylic Nail properly, but don’t do it too frequently.

how to make Acrylic Nail

1. Cut Acrylic Nail short first, and remove the color and decorations on the nail.

2. Use a sand strip with a density of 120 (frustrated version) to remove 50% of the thickness of Acrylic Nail.

3. Prepare 10 pieces of cotton and tin foil (length 6 cm x width 4 cm) the size of the nail surface.

4. Apply petroleum jelly to the skin around the nails to prevent the skin from drying out.

5. Dip the cotton piece with nail remover (acetone) and cover it on Acrylic Nail, and wrap it with tin foil, and leave it for 25 minutes.

6. When the time is up, check the degree of dissolution, and use the finger edge push stick to push out the dissolved Acrylic Nail.

7. There will be some residual Acrylic Nail on the nail surface. Use 150-180 density sand strips (frustrated board) to lightly modify the nail surface to remove the residual Acrylic Nail. Then use 240~360 density foam sand strips (frustration board) to clean the nail surface.

8. Apply professional base coat to the nails, and then paint the desired color.

What is Acrylic Nail and how to make Acrylic Nail? 1

 1. Apply moisturizing cream or cuticle oil.   

After removing the manicure, you should take good care of your nails. You can apply moisturizing cream or keratin oil. Among them, the cuticle special oil can nourish the contours of the nails, and it is also a product for exfoliating.   

2, trim nails regularly.   

Use a glass file or fine sand file to trim your nails. Remember to always go in one direction to avoid grinding back and forth.   

3. It is recommended not to use nail polisher.   

Some girls are accustomed to using nail polishers, but they can’t use them often. They can use them once a month. Also don’t pick nails with fingers or teeth.   

4. Apply Base Coat.   

Next time you apply nail polish, remember to apply a layer of Base Coat first to protect your nails.   

I believe that many girls know how to remove nail art. It is nothing more than nail remover, nail remover, or nail remover, of course, you may need to use a cotton pad. However, when using nail polish remover, remember to never use nail polish remover containing acetone. This will damage the nails and may cause dehydration of the nails

how to make Acrylic Nail

Also pay attention to the maintenance of nails in normal times, do not do nails frequently. The above is the content of Acrylic Nail introduced by the editor. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of what is Acrylic Nail.

how to make Acrylic Nail
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