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What is the best acrylic nail kit for beginners?

3D sculpture tutorial
Preparation materials: nail liquid, colored acrylic, sculpture brush, brush cleaner, acrylic cup

Step1: dip nail monomer

  Soak the sculpture brush in an acrylic cup filled with about 6 minutes, so that the surface of the pen is filled with nail monomer, and even the pen belly is soaked and penetrated. As long as there is no water dripping and the hair ends are not scattered, a sufficient amount of nail monomer will be hidden in the carved pen belly.
  The nail monomer does not need to be too full, and it can be replenished when it is not enough.

Step2: Take powder

  Take the white acrylic powder to make it into a spherical shape, in the most perfect state

If the acrylic powder is flowing, that is, excessive nail liquid will be too wet, so it is easy to go out of shape
 If the pen tip is open, the water content is insufficient, and the acrylic powder will be too dry, which is also not good.

Step3: teardrop

  Put the spherical white acrylic powder on the nail piece coated with Jingcan nail polish, and gently press with the tip of the sculpture brush to form a teardrop. You can also use the pen tip to press a heart shape in the middle of the crystal ball, which is to make a five-petal flower

Step4: the second tear

  Next to the first drop of powder, put another drop of the same tear, which is heart-shaped !!
  If the heart-shaped middle joint is not smooth enough, smooth it with the tip of the pen.

Step5: The third drop of powder

  Take the red acrylic powder in a spherical shape and place it next to the white heart shape.

Step6: fourth powder

Another drop of red acrylic powder synthesizes a red heart shape.

Step7: border

Frame the heart shape with small pearls to increase the three-dimensionality and cuteness. Of course, you can also choose to use other decorations.

Step8: embellishment

Feel free to embellish a few flat-bottom acrylic diamonds to increase richness and overall balance.

Step9: highlight

Then use one or two large diamonds to highlight the brightness.

Step10: Super top coat

  Apply UV-resistant varnish to fight UV rays for a long time

Not only prevents nails from turning yellow, but also increases shine.

Step11: 3D color sculpture shape, add more charming style

Haha, you’re done !! Isn’t it easy?

Note: Before the powder on the sculpture brush is hardened, put it in the brush cleaner to clean it.This step is very important for protecting the pen.

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 1. Use a sculpture brush to soak and moisten in the nail monomer to filter out excess water;

  1. Gently dip a small amount of colored acrylic with the tip of the pen, and the reaction will immediately dissolve into a powder ball;
    3.Drop it on the surface of the nail, use the belly pressure of the pen while the powder ball is dry, and push it into the shape of the heart, bow, flower, etc. that you like;
  2. The powder ball immediately dries and hardens, just apply top coat;
    5.Before the powder on the sculpture brush hardens, put it in the brush cleaner to clean it.This step is very important for protecting the pen!

 During the production process, use a kitchen paper towel to help clear the pen and absorb too much water at any time.
The basic manufacturing process of fashionable acrylic nails and acrylic carvings: use a crystal pen / carved nib dipped in nail monomer, then dipped in an appropriate amount of acrylic powder / sculpture powder, and use a mixture of nail monomer and acrylic powder / sculpture pen to form acrylic at the nib Grease ball, put the crystal grease ball on the nail surface / tin foil, shape it with a pen, solidify it and then polish it.

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